These Pakistani Hotties Setting Weight Loss Examples Are All You Need To See

Disclaimer: the amount of cuties and hotties in this post may give you a heart attack. Not even kidding.

Weight loss is never easy – regardless of what the cause behind weight gain is, it is always difficult for a person to deal with this discouraging issue.

One might face low self-esteem, while others may face inauspicious statements from our society – where men are perfect when they have a “muscular body built” and women are perfect when they are “fair and slim.”

Weight loss hotties -


Contrary to the popular belief, which is the imposition of our society to reduce weight for better “rishtas”, there are many people who go through the entire process of weight loss for their own benefit. Now this is exactly what the reason should be – YOUR mental satisfaction.

Being more than the required BMI of a particular age and height of an individual is not just a weight problem, but may also lead to a number of health issues at early or later years.

After losing weight, a number of people (including myself)  experienced a change in lifestyle. From removing/reducing junk food to regular cardio, the benefits of losing weight cannot be explained in words – it is a feeling that can only be witnessed.

Having all of this said, here are some Pakistanis who prove how weight loss can change the entire appearance and lifestyle of someone:

Osama Bin Liaqat Mir

Twitter Handle: @oblmir

Weight Loss

While Osama may call himself an expert in surgical strikes (refer to his Twitter account), he is definitely a treat to watch, especially after his weight loss. *wink*

Weight loss -

Azmar Khan Khattak

Twitter Handle: @AzmarKhan

Azmar Khan Khattak Weight Loss -

Azmar’s transformation has inspired a number of people on social media. Given he had asthma, Azmar has been working out from the past 5 years and we wish he would never stop…

Weight loss -

Ladies, if this cutie has won your heart, you need to see another one now:

5 Years Apart – From Karachi to Dallas!

Weight loss results -

Azmar and his friend Taha are the perfect examples of “gym buddies” and “BFF goals”

Lads are slayin’ it and we are not even done yet.

Here comes one of my favorite ones:

Mahnoor Sheikh

Twitter Handle: @MahnoorSheikh

Mahnoor Sheikh Weight Loss -

Mahnoor has done the impossible. Hard to believe it is the same person, right?

An absolute beauty. *Afreen Afreen*

Ahmed Tariq

Twitter Handle: @MrCrunchyMan

Ahmed Tariq Weight loss -

According to Ahmed, “A cure to any depression is hitting the gym”

Who knew treating depression can give us such a hottie..

Sidra Aziz

Twitter Handle: @NamkeenJalebi

Sidra Aziz Weight Loss -

If you think losing weight is impossible, take a look at the transformation Sidra has conquered. Absolutely astonishing!

Sidra Aziz Weight Loss -

There is no such thing as “excuse”, guys.


Twitter Handle: @WhatTheFahd

Fahad Weight Loss -

Those dollay tho.

Shiza Asif

Twitter Handle: @ShizzAsif

Shiza Asif Weight Loss -

It is true when they say – “weight loss gives birth to an entirely new person” and Shiza is one of the best examples of this statement.

Muhammad Wajahat Khan Niazi

Twitter Handle: @TheValhalla

Wajahat Khan Niazi -

Same shirt, new person. New face structure. New everything.

Ali Rashid

Ashar Ahsan Weight Loss -

I can’t even………


Twitter Handle: @BashaarIsLazy

Bashaar Weight Loss -

No, Bashaar is not lazy anymore..

Here’s another picture of Bashaar you might want to see:

Weight Loss Results -


Twitter Handle: @BipolarBhaijaan

Here’s another inspiration you need to look at. Great work, Zuhair!

I Don’t Know Who You Are, But I Will Find You And Congratulate You

Weight Loss Results -

Yep, I have no idea who this guy is but he deserves being mentioned in this post, doesn’t he?

Muhammad Shahrukh Raza

Twitter handle: @shaoo19


And then there is Shahrukh who has shown that an amazing transformation is just a solid dedication away. It is insane how amazing the metamorphosis has been. He is a definite inspiration to us all.


And last but DEFINITELY not the least….

*Drum Rolls*

Soha Naveed (Myself, heh)

Twitter Handle: @SohaTazz

Soha Naveed Weight Loss -

Yep, coming from someone who experienced weight loss herself, I know for a fact that when you put your mind in something you are passionate about, nothing can stop you.

Soha Naveed Weight Loss -

Now hit that gym and get in some shape – not because you want to please the society, but because it will give you the peace of mind you have yet to experience.

More power to you!

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