These Pakistani Doctors On A Flight Saved A Person’s Life & Restored Everyone’s Faith In Humanity!

One can truly tell about a person’s nature when they selflessly help people who truly need it. Even if they don’t know them.

We hear countless examples of people in different countries helping strangers and making a difference in people’s lives. With the kind of negativity that surrounds our media, we hear more negative incidents than positive ones.

A recent recollection of events by a Facebook user who mentioned how moved he was when he saw a group of cardiologists on a flight from Faisalabad helping stabilize a man with cardiac issues on the flight.


He described the act as;

Sheer display of selflessness and collaboratively working to solve the problem.

Maybe if we started being more considerate towards others and their problems and started to genuinely help those in need, our society can grow collectively into an efficient and more humanistic society.

The actions can range from picking a nail from the middle of the road to helping save someone’s life. There are many ways we can contribute towards becoming a productive and valuable part of the society and the country, only if we realize our responsibilities and act on them.

What’s the most helpful act you’ve ever done for a stranger? Let us know!

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