These Pakistani and Indian Jawans Dancing Together in Russia Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Pakistan and India are neighbouring countries. Ever since partition, the relationship between both countries has been rocky at best. There are conservatives and extremists on both sides which promote hate for the other country, leading to unnecessary aggression.

This video is going viral on social media. It’s from an Indian news channel and shows young people from both countries dancing together at a festival/concert in Russia. But they’re not just regular people- they belong to their country’s army!

It is a thing of wonder to see both armed forces dancing together so freely. They have some serious moves, too.

People over Twitter had mixed reactions to this.

These are clearly armed soldiers from both countries. Please keep your narrow mind to yourself and promote peace between both countries.

That is actually not a bad idea. Without any threat of violence, I’m sure peace talks between the countries can go splendidly.

Jo baat hai. Good punjabi music is the perfect thing to dance to. It plays at both Pakistani and Indian wedding functions. Since the language is the same, music flows across the border like anything. Even non-Punjabi artists like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Kailash Kher are listened to in both countries.

No, your army is not anti-national. Peace between Pakistan and India is good for both of them. No more violence, no more aggression. How is that bad for either country?

This is so true. There will always be people who want you to be full of hate because it is of use to them. Mingling like this will show those people that nothing can go up when human beings want to spread love and kindness.

What is your opinion? Is it a good thing for people from the armed forces to interact like this? Let us know your opinion in the

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