Missing The ’80s? These Nostalgic Photos Will Make You Go Down The Memory Lane

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Oh, boy! Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we? If you grew up in the ’90s, or even the ’80s, a lot of these pictures will make you feel the feels.

Let’s take a look at some of these pictures, and you will be surprised to see how they will rehash some old, almost forgotten memories.

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CAUTION: The nostalgia might hit you a bit too hard!

1- Soda getting stuck in these

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Remember those big old gawky soda vending machine buttons? It literally does not get any more ’90s than this, folks.

2- Those were the days

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That field trip air was all the serotonin you needed! Bring back those good old days.

3- Forgetting your hotel room

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Just imagine: You are 12 years old. Your swimsuit is dripping wet, and you are cold. But you cannot remember what floor your room is on. Used to be a nightmare!

4- That one colorful ball…

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If you didn’t play with this ball, did you even grow up in the ’90s? This is the ball every kid has played with in the store but never actually bought and took it home. LOL!

5- The day you all discovered lying

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Well, no one will ever agree that they lied on their reading log. But we all have made up story book names just to fill this up, and you know it! So, this is when everybody started lying…

6- The comfort of nurse’s office

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Ouch, the nostalgia is too overwhelming! Nothing beats the naps you had in elementary school’s nurse’s office bed.

7- That loud *CRACK*

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That popping or cracking noises these TVs made were enough to scare you to sleep!

8- You better remember these!

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Remember how these cups used to magically appear literally everywhere?

9- The colorful stacker swap pencils!

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It was all fun and games until you lost one piece. And, the devastation that followed… *BRB crying*

10- Can you taste this picture?

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Definitely, the world’s best toothpaste. Don’t you agree?

11- Slap bracelets

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Did you know that the inside of slap bracelets is cut-up pieces of tape measure?! Yep. Is you mind blown?

12- The yellow chair!

Source: 90s Please

If you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, you recognize this chair.

We are not crying, you are. Also, remember the cartoons we used to watch as kids? Good old days indeed, NO!

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