The Selfless Keyboard Jihadis Driving People To “Sirat-e-Mustaqeem” Is What’s Wrong With The Internet!

For years, people among us have been “promoting” faith on social media. These people, regardless of whether they perform, what they write, try to be just and absolute. They deliver punishments and offer high praises to those who they deem worthy. Behold, the Keyboard Mujahids – the deciders of your akhirat and jahanum.

We saw a massive number of such burst out on every Facebook page, group, and even on Twitter when the government of Pakistan decided to execute Mumtaz Qadri through capital punishment.

Hailing him as a martyr his funeral was attended by thousands of people, which led to certain troubles that are needless to be mentioned under this subject. Posting Quranic verses, and prayer, these Facebook Mujahids left no stone unturned to boast about their fallen hero, a few even claiming to follow similar footsteps.

Next, we saw these people appear online on social media again, brandishing the teachings of their faith when Qandeel Baloch was murdered by her very own brother. Once again, they decorated a murderer as a hero. Claiming to have conducted a likewise action if put in the same scenario, these people were outraged by Qandeel’s, what may I call, excessive displays.


Branding her as hell bound and nuisance, she received hate from very same people who enjoyed her exhibitions. However, little did she know that fans and followers would become a source of pain and agony to her soul overnight just by an event which she had no means of participating.

Now, yet again, we come across another event where we see the same people crawling out to toss their self-righteous judgments and even having the audacity to link them with verses of Qur’an or Hadith. The news of sudden demise of Shahlyla Ahmedzai Baloch spread quickly on social media and news channels.


However, her desire to represent Pakistan meant nothing for these keyboard Mujahids who saw it befitting to comment on a picture of her wearing knee-length shorts, seemingly annihilating Islamic teachings with her wickedness.

What is more fascinating is that how this swarm of people mostly slither out when a subject is under immense mental pressure or passed away. Instead of leaving absolute judgments to God Himself, these people feel the urge to judge someone and answer swiftly to what is to become of them in their Afterlife.


They neglect the consequences of their own doings in their surroundings, claim to comprehend the complexities and simplicities of The Book, present themselves as among those who understand past events of true Islamic leaders, and then log on to Facebook to write garbage about anyone who does not pass their filter of shallow knowledge.

True Islam will not spread because you decided to grow a beard, or hide under a scarf, and logged in on your accounts to type away all that you heard but not absorbed. Our Prophet got bloodied in order to achieve peace and love across regions. After 1400 years, we still cherish the gift he presented to all of the mankind.

To press 26 buttons several times will do us no good; spread peace and love in your surroundings, strengthen the level of mental comfort you have with others and most importantly pay respect to those who passed away. For Islam is about love, it should be accepted, not feared.

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