These Are The Top 5 Pizza Places Every Karachitte Needs To Try At Least Once

Top 5 Pizza Places in Karachi -

Karachittes are passionate about food. The enormous range of menus and their easy availability is fulfilling cravings of foodies anytime,everywhere. Whether it is Spicy Zinger of KFC or mouthwatering fried chicken of Golden Chicken, Karachitties can never resist their urge of food.

When it comes to pizzas, there is obviously no comparison. Every food corner in Karachi has more than 4-5 pizza parlors to satisfy the irresistible desires of pizza lovers.

So if it is the desi chaska of Tikka topping on pizza or Chicago style deep-dish – if you want stuffed crust or a calzone – Karachi offers you everything!

Here are the top 5 pizza places where every pizza lover in Karachi needs to try right:

1. Domino’s Pizza

Dominos Pizza -


The international franchise targeted Pakistan in 2007 and got a very warm welcome.

Aside from the fact that they have covered major cities of Pakistan, the fan following of this pizza chain is the highest on social media. Obviously, it’s all about the taste.

Double Melt, Tex-Mex Chicken, Pepperoni Passion, and Veggie Feast are the favorites. However, the only issue is with the prices. They always mention “+tax” under the whole price to make their customers strong in Maths!

2. Broadway Pizza

Broadway Pizza -

Source: Pakistani.PK

In a very limited time, Broadway has gained much popularity across Karachi. The stuffed crust, with the tempting topping of chicken fajita, along with BBQ sauce at a reasonable price is all you need for the lunch.

Broadway also takes the credit of launching whole new style of pizza, which is pizza slices in inches.

3. Sattar Buksh

Sattar Buksh Pizzas -

Source: FHM Pakistan

As the firm believers of “Mooch Naye Te Kuch Nae“, they offer is new with desi touch. However, they are a lot to offer but the Pizza is their specialty. They recently launched LOC pizza with amazing topping on both halves, within and across the border is an additional innovation by Sattar Baksh.

4. Xander’s Pizza

Xander's Pizza -

Source: Foodspotting

The wood fired oven has never been used for the pizzas before Xanders introduced it and the results are amazing.

They have a diverse variety of options as well. Margherita & Chicken Jalapeno for those who want simple traditional flavors. On the other hand, there are exotic flavors like Blue Cheese, the famous Xanders Goat Cheese and Fig Pizza for foodies who want to taste something new.

5. Famous O’s Pizza

Famous O's Pizza -

Source: Twitter

 On the simple thin crust pie with the base of cheese or Margherita, you can add your favorite topping from the huge variety only at Famous O’s Pizzas. Within Rs. 1,000, you can feed your hunger in a very satisfactory manner.

You can share your experiences and if you want to add more in the list. Mention in the comment section below.

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