These 7 Male Pakistani Instagrammers Are Upping The Game And We Think You Should Follow Them

Instagram has become one of the most used apps in the world. With an increase in its relevance, the users have made the platform even more competitive. There has also been a rise in the quality of content being produced from Pakistan. Below is a list of 7 male Instagram users that we think you should definitely follow!

1. Kadir Khan



A beautiful display of visually capturing and alluring photographs grab your attention as soon as you open his gallery. The hard work and thought process that went into it is easily appreciable. Kadir Khan runs one of the leading Instagram accounts of Pakistan. A photograpaher by profession, he describes his photographic skills as “learned” and “intuitive”.

This talented photographer’s goal is to capture the ordinary things in life around us in ways that will make them look extraordinary and captivating. His experimentation with his style is visible throughout his feed and often reflect his mind-frame.
The different and original perspectives that he adopts in his work spark inspiration in everyone’s minds. You’re going to have a hard time going through his gallery and not thinking of picking up photography as a hobby!

2. Umair Khaan


Cultural heritage.

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If you’ve ever felt under equipped to take decent and beautiful pictures, this the gallery for you! Umair Khaan’s entire collection of pictures on his Instagram has been taken through his phone! The judicious use of remarkable colors in places that you won’t normally see, brings about a beautiful feel to them. They are not just visually pleasing but have a sense of grandeur to them. It is going to be a definite treat to explore your country through his eyes!

3. Fahhad Rajper


While I was on the road•

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The pioneer of the famous #TryBeatingMeLightly campaign that took the internet and the international media by storm, Fahhad Rajper considers himself as a student of photography. After interning at a famous photo studio, Rajper took off his career by basing himself on social media.
He is quirky and has a witty personality which is a major contrast to the personality that is depicted through his work. His work reflects sombre moods with quiet environments and the designs are never loud and almost whisper to you in your ear. This combination of such variable personas give his Instagram account a life of sorts across the entire spectrum!

4. Ramish Safa


Ramish Safa has acquired a status of digital art veteran in Pakistan. His work in the comics (Kachee Goliyan) to a shift towards Caricatures drawing brought a huge variation and versatility in the Pakistani digital art scene. His Instagram gallery showcases the multitudes of caricatures he has drawn over the past two years and also depicts a visible improvement in his art style and quality.
His captions are blended with a piece of his own personality which makes his Instagram page very interaction friendly and creates a sense of community. He also gives tips to budding artists and often holds online classes on digital characterization and many other things. If you are an art enthusiast or a budding artist, this page is for you!

5. Mehlum Sadriwala



Dominated by travel photography and portraits, Mehlum Sadriwala does it pretty darn well! His pictures tell a story of grandiosity. Even the simplest and straight forward structures are given a view point of magnanimity. If you are even slightly interested in traveling and photography, his gallery is a goldmine! His incorporation of play with natural lights and candid moments give the entire collection a level up.

6. Humza Ismail


The guide told us this place will be considered for the 9th wonder of the world in 2017? #HumzaInHunza

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If there’s one word that describes Humza Ismail’s instagram gallery, it is “surreal”. The style is very mathematical and focusses on proportions and ratios very closely. The editing is done to give a magical feeling of not just being there but also experiencing the same thing the photographer is trying to make us feel.

Humza’s instagram account is a great, fairy tale like escape from reality. His love for traveling and photography is palapable through his pictures. His gallery doesn’t follow a single theme but often changes suddenly. This always leaves his audience in an awe and wanting more from him.

7. Haseem uz Zaman



Haseem’s instagram boasts heavy editing. Something, you don’t see many photographers openly admit! Haseem has taken photo editing and turned it into a tool of artistic expression. Juggling his career life and his passion for photography, Haseem has managed to nurture his interest and elevate it to the level of art.


He uses his familiarity with the city of Karachi to depict the city’s beauty and ugly in everything he does. His unapologetic use of bold colors and filters and effects in combination with his creative and out of the box framing brings about a sense of surrealism to his work. If you are aspiring to up your photography game and want to be inspired, this is the place to be!

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