These 6 Groups Of Friends You’ll Inevitably Find In Every University

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University life is one of the most memorable phases of one’s life. The four to five years’ journey seems to pass by the flick of eyes. Each and every day has its own worth and is associated with some sort of good or bad reminiscence. From early 8:30 am lecture till bunking the class of the strictest teacher, from enjoying canteen’s food till gup shap with best friends that’ll last eternally in our memories.

No doubt, university life is not a bed of roses. A student passes through various ups and downs, has to face different kinds of people and cope up with the situation he/she never imagined facing. Similarly, we also have to face different groups of friends too which are alwayThses remembered for their characteristics even when university life is finished.

Here are 6 types of friends’ groups you come across your university life;

1)      The Branded Squad:


Money cannot buy happiness but it can surely help you to buy iPhone, Khaadi’s, Sapphire’s and Generation’s clothes. There is a group at our university who’s extremely brand conscious. Their lives are in the brand of their clothes, cell phones and bags they carry and they never stop boasting about them.

2)      The Rishta Group:

Source: The Nation

“Ayeh hum baarati, baarat ly k jayeh gy, tujhy bhi apne saath ly k”. There is a squad in our university who has opened up a marriage bureau at the campus. This group always looks for the single ones along with the ones who have been ditched and can still become a better partner in their future. They work for their love stories to bloom up. Moreover, they give best relationship’s tips too, such as, “Pyaar dosti hai…Agar wo tumhari sab sy achi dost baan gyi th samjh jaiyoo tum ne aus sy pyaar kr liya.’’

3)      Kidmat-e-Khalaq Foundation:

Source: Gif Central

We often see a squad who has opened an NGO for the foundation work. This group offers a helping hand in every situation no matter how others treat them.

“Agar humne  bhi waisa kiya to hum may aur saamne wale may kya fark hoga.”

4)      Staring Squad:

Source: Giphy

“Maine usko itna dekha jitna dekha jaa sakta tha…. Magar phir bhi doo ankhoo sy kitna dekha jaa saktha tha…”

There are people around us to whom we cannot communicate. They stare like we have stolen some of their valuables, making you all awkward and uncomfortable. They stare with a hope in their eyes. One can wonder what exactly are they hoping for.

5)      Shanti Aunty Squad:


‘’Dhum tanana tanana” typical star plus music. This is one of the interesting squads. Members of this squad are always around whenever there is a fight, argument or even some sort of misunderstanding. Gossiping about it afterwards and starting up rumors too.

‘’ Daal may kuch to kaala zaroor hai…Pata lagana pare ga.”

6)      Stalkers Gang:


There is a group of friends who are better researchers than FBI researchers. Their efficient stalking skills can lead them a job in renowned investigative agencies. They are also good observers who ponder upon little details and later investigate and analyze it as well.

“Koi baat to zaroor hai…Daya pata lagao”.

These unique groups of friends are there in almost every educational institute. No matter whether you like or dislike them, they are always remembered for their respective characteristics.

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