These 5 Simple Habits Can Add TEN More Years to Your Life

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Aging is a natural phenomenon of life, but still, it has not stopped anyone to embark the efforts of staying strong, healthy and young. According to a recent analysis, Harvard Researchers have studied the lives of around 143,256 men & women over past 3 decades. They have studied the history of their lives, their daily routine, diet plans; work out details, and each & everything that can contribute to their healthy lifestyle.

According to this study, if we compare the life expectancy of Americans with Pakistanis, we will find out that, Americans have 78.7 years of life expectancy, though Pakistanis only have 66.3! No, I am not saying we should follow an American lifestyle, but we should focus on the positive things that bring out best to our healthy lifestyle.

So, what are the habits that need to be followed by everyone to increase their life expectancy and add TEN more years to their life?

1. Quit Smoking…!


If you smoke, quit immediately. Recent researches revealed the fact that, smoking habits can cut seven years from your average lifespan. So this 2-minute mistake can literally cut most important and precious years of your life which could have been spent well with your family.

As Brooke Shield said;

“Smoking kills, if you are killed, you have lost a very important of your life”

2. Maintain a lower body mass index:

Source: AARP

Reducing your body mass index can do wonders, literally. For instance, if your waist measures around 42-45inches (for men) or 32-35inches (for women), you should immediately lose belly fat fast to add more fruitful years to your life.

3. Work-out for 35 minutes in a day:

Source: Daily Express

Again, this must be difficult for people as most of us cannot maintain the work-out habits due to our busy schedules. But only a short period of jogging each day, like just for 30-35 significantly work a lot and make you look nine years younger than your actual age.

As we all know, ‘good things come to those who sweat’.

4. Follow a healthy diet plan:

Source: Everyday Health

It’s pretty difficult to define a good healthy diet plan that helps you stay fit and young for years. But according to a recent research conducted, healthy diet plan must include these:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Include fruits and green vegetables in your diet
  • Improve your mental health by including a 7-9 hours’ sleep, join a fitness club, participate in something creative and stay away from negative thoughts.
  • Follow aerobics, running, hiking, Yoga and running

5. Destress:

Source: TNW

It’s always beneficial to stop worrying about the things or situations you can’t handle. Just take a deep breath, relax and sit back. You should maintain your mental & physical health by simply decompressing from a stressful work routine. Prefer to consider doing some relaxing activities that help you de-stress your nerves. Also, take good advantages of meditation, listening to a soft music, reading books, watching comedy movies and meeting with good people. These simple activities usually help you unwind and create feelings of warmth and happiness.

It’s clear that adopting these habits in later stages of life will still help you get excellent outcomes. But it does suggest that maintaining these habits in earlier stages of life could help you enjoy more fruitful years with endless joys & pleasure.

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