Busting the Myth: These 2 Girls are Visiting the Most Haunted Places in Karachi!

Anyone who’s lived in Karachi for long would have definitely heard of places that are claimed haunted by the citizens. Be it friends, family or colleagues, everyone has their own set of stories for someplace in the city. Not just that but the reality shows on TV where a host is accompanied by a cameraman with the infrared mode on, trying really hard to make it look scary go famous places of Karachi to tell people that they too witnessed a Bhoooot!!

These 2 girls from Parhlo’s team took this upon themselves to go around all the places that are claimed haunted by the citizens to see whether it’s true or not…

About a week ago, they both did live on Parhlo’s page to take people’s opinion on this…

Busting the myth: Haunted places in Karachi

Posted by Parhlo on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

We later posted about some famous haunted places in Karachi on our Instagram and the feedback was crazy! You wouldn’t believe the stories we got regarding Ocean mall and it really creeped us out. After all such remarks, nobody would get good vibes about the place.

The Haunted Ocean Mall

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How many of you feel Ocean Mall is haunted? . I don't like shopping at Ocean mall, gives me the same uncomfortable feeling I use to get when I use to visit any Qabristan. . I have also heard that girls who pray at this certain outlet are attacked and one had a severe case of vomiting blood. . Plus, one of the workers died right before the mall was opened for public. Unfortunately, he fell cleaning the window. Also, someone once told me that the washrooms on the third and fourth floors are also haunted. . So, I cannot really come to a conclusion whether this place is haunted or not, but nonetheless, I really don’t get a positive vibe from this place. -Anonymous. .*If you want any horror story to be featured, DM us* #horror #negativevibes #shocking #ghost #parhlo #parhloofficial #3amstories

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Another place that took our attention was Mercato mall opposite Mcdonald’s sea view Karachi. That building is abandoned and despite being situated on a very busy road that building is the loneliest place around. When we posted some common stories about the place on our Instagram page, some shared even weirder stories.

Mercato Mall is super spooky!

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How many of you have visited this place? This place is near sea view Karachi despite of the fact, this location is one of the most prime areas of Karachi but none of the shops opened in this area were ever successful. It already seems to be sort of a creepy, abandoned place that gives a shiver down your spine if you are passing by it, especially during the night. I don’t know why but before coming across the whole story, I could sense something strange about this place when my eyes spotted it the picture. Some people already claim they have heard from people reporting supernatural incidents, sightings of supernatural beings especially by local merchants running their businesses who were compelled to wrap up and evacuate the area. Anonymous *If you want any horror story to be featured, DM us* #horror #negativevibes #shocking #ghost #parhlo #parhloofficial #3amstories

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We all have been to Karsaz road and we have heard many stories about it. Every story is different,with a more horrific twist. This time, when we heard about this story we literally had goosebumps. The girl narrated the story to us of the time when she was traveling with her mom and they happened to cross Karsaaz road. It was night time and the road was empty when the girl and her mother noticed a woman waving at them for a lift in the middle of the road.

Karsaaz Road story continues here…

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So, on one fine night, we were going back to home from a party and we were on Karsaz road. The road was actually dead silent. All of a sudden around 2am we saw a woman who was waving at us; she was probably asking for a lift. I was quite shocked to see who would be there at this time… From afar, it looked like a very old woman, stooped with a hunch, wearing a huge white cloak. Suddenly me and my mom screamed like, “gaari bhagoaa!!" We just wanted to run away from that area. As we approached near to that woman, we actually saw a girl who looked really pretty and was wearing a white coat on a red dress. She kind of smiled and left a mark of two bloody fingers on our car’s window. Anonymous *If you want any horror story to be featured, DM us*

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There are more stories that will be shared on our Instagram account. If you have any such stories of some place which is yet undiscovered, please let us know to get your story featured. Later, our girls will go hunt the place to know the truth! Follow @Parhlo on Instagram!

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