These 10 People Got Married To The Weirdest Things And Kia Mazaak Hai Ye?!

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Everybody falls in love with men or women and wants to marry them. The concept of marrying opposite sex is since the birth of Adam and now in modern age, many countries allow same-sex marriages. But do you know some people have a unique concept of marriages? What are these, we will discover some of them in this article?

So, here you go!

1. The woman who married the Eiffel Tower

Source: Woman’s Day

37 years old retired army person “Erika La Tour Eiffel” is living in San Francisco. She loves different things like other people but in the case of Eiffel tower, she gave her heart to it and not only proposed it but also got married to it. She also added word Eiffel in her name. Erika joined US Air Force in 1993. During her first year of training, she was sexually abused by another cadet but she countered the attack with a training sword. Later on, she was terminated from the Academy with schizophrenia. “I cannot sleep without holding onto something like a sword as that protected me from sexual attack. And it just got worse,” she said.

She moved to Japan in 1999 and started recurve archery. She participated in FITA, Olympics rounds and won a gold medal for shooting the compound bow at Arizona Cup, Texas Shootouts and Gold Cup. She also won the gold medal and broke FITA team record at 42nd World Target Championships held in New York City. She represented US at FITA Word field Championships, FITA Target Championships, and FITA World Cup too. She is known as “Aya” in the archery world.

She is the founder of an organization “OS International”. The organization helps people who have powerful relationships with inanimate objects. She said, her relationship with objects helped her to become a world-class archer. She first comes upon the Eiffel Tower in 2004 and fall in instant attraction and love.  She married to Eiffel tower in 2007 and arranged a proper wedding ceremony. While giving an interview to ABC on her second anniversary in 2009, she stated that she fell an inborn connection to different objects and it is normal to me. She expressed similar emotions towards objects in TV show Good Morning America and explained how her love with objects empowered her.

2. A Man who married himself

Source: Digital Journal

39-year-old, Liu Ye lives in Zhuhai China. He married his own life-sized photo in January this year. Almost 100 guests were invited to his wedding ceremony took place in Guangzhou village. He followed all ancient Chinese wedding procedures and customs like bride bowing to heaven and earth, to their families and to aged people. He also made a round of toasting guests with his bride as a tradition. “It is an actual wedding ceremony except that the bride is just a photo.” One guest included.

He refused that he is gay but does admit to being self-absorbed. Guests in the ceremony were confused and surprised as to what exactly was happened. One lady said she thought it was a group wedding. A psychologist declared him as abnormal and suggested proper treatment. He included that such unhealthy incidents happen when someone did not find a female or a male as a life partner.

3. Bridal of Berlin Wall

Source: Tomorrow Woman

Erika Eiffel is not the only one in having strong feelings for objects. Eija also has a relationship with an object but this time It is Berlin Wall. She married to Berlin Wall in 1979. She lives in Liden, Sweden and fell in instant love with Wall when she saw it on TV. She was 7 years old at that time. She mentioned in a Swedish TV show that first time she had sex with Berlin Wall in the age of 12. She fell shy while describing an encounter. Unlike the millions of people around the world celebrate on 9 November 1989, Eklöf-Berliner-Mauer feels the day the wall fell as a ‘catastrophe’.

4. A man who married a game character

Source: the Sundaily

A Japanese gamer, Sal married to the girl character Nene Anegasaki of Nintendo game. He is so addicted to the game that he cannot live without it and They have arranged a proper marriage ceremony in Guam city of Japan and declared their marriage legally. This is only a virtual character of the game. Sal appears to be a man with very characteristic needs, which he has tried to satisfy by marrying his favorite video game character. His unique wedding ceremony was broadcasted on the Japanese website Nico Nico Douga. This site is famous for many strange videos.

5. A man who married a car

Source: YouTube

Everyone has their favorite car and its normal but making love with cars is very impropriate thing. Edward Smith is a 57 years old man lives in America who is not only sexually attracted to cars but also married to his beloved one. Smith had sex with many cars over the last 30 years but he decided to choose VW beetle as his life-partner and settle down. If you see Edward Smith staring at your car, run for the hill.

6. A woman who married a Fairground ride

Source: The Telegraph

MA wolf is a 32-year-old US church organist. She claims to get sexually attached to an object but this time, it is a fairground ride. This a courtship of ten years and married to him finally. Miss Wolf said, she travels more than 150 miles to visit 10 times per year to visit this ride. She was 13 years old when she fell in an instant love for the ride. She decided to go back to Knoebels Amusement Park in Pennsylvania.

This fairground ride is in an amusement park in Pennsylvania. She sleeps with ride’s photo and carries its spare parts around to feel close interaction. I do not get jealous when other people ride it as we share a spiritual relationship. She added.

7. Love is endless  

Source: The Telegraph

A French couple, Magali and Jonathan, were planning to get married in November 2008 when Jonathan passed away in motorbike crash two days before wedding date. Magali has been grieving her partner since her fiancé’s death a year ago because she didn’t cancel her wedding ceremony and married her dead boyfriend on the same date and became a legal widow. She was 26 years old at that time. They lived together for six years.

8. Man who married a pillow

Source: YouTube

Anyone can fall in love with anything, but Lee Jin from Korea fell in love with his pillow and decided to make him his life partner. He arranged a bridal dress for the pillow and get married in a proper marriage ceremony in front of his friends and family. He is very passionate about the pillow and takes it everywhere. Said, one close friend.

9. A woman who married her dog

Source: Zee News –

43-year-old Wilhelmina Morgan Callaghan lives in Northern Ireland. She lost her job and was forced to become a freelancer. She faced financial crises but she always found her dog very loyal. After reading about people their pets, she decided to marry her dog in 2009. She calls him Ri which is an ancient Gaelic word means King. Marry a pet is not legal in the UK, so their marriage is a spiritual one but Morgan takes it very seriously. She believes, dogs are very loyal and better than men. “People may think I’m barking mad, but he’s perfect for me,” Morgan said.

10. Marrying her Hi-Fi stereo system

Source: Engadget

43-years-old Emma says she loves her Hi-fi stereo system too much and fell in instant love with it when she bought it from the store. After some time, she felt that she has a unique connection with it spiritually and sexually and decided to make it her life partner. Emma calls it Jake and believes it is very trustful, strong and beautiful.

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