10 National Songs that Should Be In Your Playlist this 14th August

These 10 National Songs Should Be In Your Playlist For Independence Day

Independence Day Celebrations are in full swing. The streets are flickering with buntings, children have painted their face and hands green and white. Young girls are searching for hari hari choorian while the young boys have turned themselves into DJ Butt.

Giant speakers have been placed on cars and trucks with maximum volume to make everyone feel the beat. Unfortunately, Pakistani singers are no longer interested in singing for dear homeland except Shahzad Roy. So old is gold for us, and we all search, scroll, and download the national songs of olden times. Here is a guideline for you to update or create a playlist for your Independence Day Celebration!

Dil Dil Pakistan – Vital Signs

This should be definitely on top of the list. I must say that no celebration is complete without playing this one.

Mera Paigham Pakistan – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

How can one forget this legendary song? I remember that PTV broadcast it right before the 9 pm news bulletin from 1st to 14 August regularly.

Ae Meray Pyare Watan – Amanat Ali Khan

This one is really epic. No school function is completed without it. This particular classic of pure love can live in your heart for eternity.

Ye Watan Tumhara Hai – Mehdi Hassan

The voice of Mehdi Hassan holds the purest feelings and you can almost taste the sweetness of this song. One of my favorite lines is:

“Hum to sirf unwaan thay, asal dastaan tum ho.” 

Ae Quaid e Azam Tera Ahsan Hai – Munawar Sultana

This one is an all-time favorite. Sing along with it and pay tribute to our Quaid.

Sohni Dharti – Shahnaz Begum

This might not be as appealing to youngsters who have listened to the Coke Studio Version of it but the charm of the original can never be replicated.

Ae Jawan – Faakhir and Haroon

This song manages to breathe life into the students- that’s why they love to perform it every year.

 Me Tou Dekhunga – Strings

The producers of Coke Studio -Strings- don’t have a comparison to anyone at all. Coke Studio is proof of that itself.

Junoon Se Or Ishq Se – Junoon

With heartwarming words and music, the video is a collection of clips from the Movie Jinnah which are really awe-inspiring

O Meray Yaar – Jawad Ahmed

This one is actually for the Defense Day but its music and beat urges the listener to keep listening till the end. The story-based video very inspiring as well.

The list goes on which we might not able to continue. Share your playlist with us so we can know what kind of music you listen to!

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