There’s a Song on Maryam Nawaz and it Will Leave you In Laughing Fits!

Ah – Maryam Nawaz. The brave ‘Qoum ki Beti’. The first daughter and the daddy’s princess. This past week, Maryam Nawaz has been the talk of the entire Pakistan. From her appearance in front of the JIT to her very ’empowering’ speech and then to be proven that she holds offshore company, Maryam Nawaz has been deliberately on the hook.

Perhaps this is what She was Talking about, No?

Anyways, so the PML-N supporters and workers have been advocating (obviously) on behalf of Maryam Nawaz, talking about how “brave” she is.


These people are not the only ones who have been advocating the braveness and brilliance of Maryam Nawaz who is currently being held accountable for her money laundering tactics. PML-N’s workers making a song on Maryam Nawaz shows how support for the First Daughter is beyond your imagination.

Pakistani Quom ko hai Jispe Naaz, 

Us Beti ka Naam hai Maryam Nawaz.

Woh Shaheen jiski hai Unchi Parwaz, 

Us Beti ka Naam hai Maryam Nawaz.

I mean…

Here’s the Complete Song by PMLN Female Workers

And the Comments are Even More Hilarious!

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Surprisingly, I can’t get this catchy tune out of my head now. I mean, kudos to lyrics and the rhythm of the song.

From Calibri font to finding a company in her name offshore, indeed, us beti ka naam hai Maryam Nawaz!

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