The World’s Biggest Iftaar Serves 12,000 People Daily For 30 Days

Another year, another Ramadan.

Billions of Muslims from around the world begin to practice the divine process of fasting. People of every country try to cater as many poor people as possible because the month of Ramadan is all about giving and self-control.



The place where 12,000 people break their fast daily

Ever wondered where the world’s largest iftaar takes place? Where the highest number of people show up to break their fast together? We have the answer.

The country is Iran and the place is the Shrine and Mosque of Hazrat Imam Raza (A.S).

An estimate of 12,000 people come to the Shrine to open their fast at iftaar, every single day of the month. It has indeed been proven as the world’s largest iftaar party. Over 400 volunteers, who work without salary, prepare iftaar and dinner for 12,000 people every day.



These 400 volunteers have different tasks, from working in the kitchen to packing and serving. They work around the clock in shifts, working with fresh herbs, cheese, over 4 tonnes of quality rice and 3.5 tonnes of fresh meat every day.

They cut, cook and serve Iran’s traditional food for the followers who visit the Shrine – and these volunteers take absolute pride in their work.



The fact that makes the iftaar worth the effort

The best thing about the ordeal? These people are not mercenaries who are working for monetary gains.

Instead, the volunteers are high profiled workers of Multi-National Companies, doctors, engineers and even celebrities from Iran. They think of this as giving back to the society, especially in the Holy month.

So if you’ve ever wondered where the biggest iftaar is served in the world, you now have the answer!

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