The Wishes Of Every 600 Pounds Girl

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My brain is weird. I have the most weird ideas popping up in my mind. One such is…
What if being fat was considered being smart?
I mean, come to think of it, who has told you that size zero is good. Maybe its the other way round. Maybe size 12 is Good!! Maybe, whoever came up with weight and BMI and shit totally screwed up and kept mum about it. SAB DHOKA HAI BOSS SAB DHOKA HAI !! But we can imagine, if the world belonged to girls like me, (oh, crap, now you know I am fat). Following are my super thoughts or fantasies or *haaye kaaaash*

Weight Is Not The Matter Of Anyone Else’

Imagine living in a world where being skinny and *patli, dublee, naazuk* was considered *disgusting*



Gyms Should Consider This!

Imagine, if there were gyms which advertised as, *come, get those layers of fat, GAIN YOUR WEIGHT*



Rishte Wali Aunties Would Be My Love

Imagine, if rishta aunties only asked for a *pichattar kilo wali larki* because come on *chaalees kilo ka tou chota bakra hota hai*.



No More Catwalks!!!

Imagine, if fashion designers only wanted the fattest women walking for them. (That won’t be a cat walk, if you ask me, more like, *cow walk*). And all the thin and skinny and *smart* girls would be falling all over you, *haaaye kaash main is k jitni moti hojaaoon*.



Need XXXL Size!!!

Imagine, patli kurriyaan going shopping and feeling frustrated, *yaaaar mujhe XXL kyun nae fit aata, why always XS??*



Kuch Khaya Piya Karo

Imagine, people throwing in the reference of your less weight so casually like, *oye patli, kuch kha bhi lia kero*.



Stay Sugarated

Imagine, if there was a detox to get fat. 1 liter of heavy milk. 200 grams of milk chocolate, 200 grams of white granulated Sugar, 16 oz condensed milk. Drink the whole day.



More Mozzarella Please

Imagine, salads for *getting fat* would comprise of, *Doritos, beef bacon, with dressing of mozzarella, Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmigiana, Jack Monterrey blended in creme cheese*



Aah, what a beauty !! Maa Sadqayyyyyyyy Keep on imagining because its not going to happen. For me, *Fat is the new YO!!!* Because, *Dil ko behlaane k lie Ghaalib, Ye khayal acha hai* Shukriya Shukriya !!

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