The Weight Transformation of this Guy Will Definitely Inspire You To Lift Some Iron!

Weight transformation has always been inspiring for those who seek motivation to hit the gym. It requires hard work, loads of compromise and most importantly, consistency. The desire to meet your fitness targets is achievable when you promise yourself how you desire to look better and have a better, healthy lifestyle.

Such is the Promise this 26-Year-Old Student from Lahore Made to Himself!

Meet Ali Butt – and Meet his New Self

A common fitness myth prevailing in the society states, “a chubby child can easily weight once they grow up”. The wrongfulness of the myth can be proved in Ali’s case who did not lose his “baby weight” while growing up. Despite being in football and involved in other physical activities, Ali could not lose weight with a decent diet.

Once the 26-year-old MBA student from Lahore School of Economics hit the gym, followed a proper diet with consistency and weighted patiently for the results, only then he achieved his desired weight goals.

 Ali Went from 148 KGs to 82 KGs in the Course of 8 Months

A lot of people confuse losing weight with cutting on the amount of daily food intake – another myth!

Cutting out the WRONG foods is what people need to do and this is exactly what Ali did. With his workout comprising of diet and cardio only, his diet revolved around proteins mostly. Lean proteins and eggs were his major sources of healthy eating.

And Look At him Now!

Weight loss stories are indeed very inspiring and Ali Butt managed to inspire many with his journey. There is no magic involved – but holding yourself and controlling your urge to consume unhealthy food is a major thrill here.

After some time you may feel tired and bored of the gym – remember to add a variance of cardio in your routines to keep things exciting. Most of all, live with the desire of improving your wellbeing; physically and health-wise, just like Ali Butt did!

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