The Way Sheikh Rasheed Responds To Biryani Is All You Need To See Today

Due to the daily hearings of the Panama Case, the after and before hearing press conferences, and the conventions, our politicians are left with no time for food. And when they do get the time, they enjoy it in a perfectly desi style.

Like us, after spending a tough day, all we need is food and if luckily mom has cooked Biryani, it makes our day! The biryani lovers can’t resist themselves when it comes to biryani. While taking the wholesome platter of aromatic yellow spicy biryani with aloo and raita, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. At this point it doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting near a local shop or in an air-conditioned restaurant, biryani is love!

So, whether you’re a Nawab from Delhi or a Jutt from Punjab, you simply grab the plate of biryani, intoxicate yourself with the aromatic smell of it like this Pindi politician has done and simply love life! Please keep watching IK’s reaction!


With this “stunt” Sheikh Rasheed became a Twitter star once again. He showed he had real swag when he came out on a bike and delivered the press conference with a cigar in his mouth and then ran afterward.

This time around, the eagerness of Sheikh Rasheed for biryani has made him a Twitter star once again.

Here’s what people are saying about Shaikh Rasheed’s latest stunt.

Real Love Goals

It Has Made Our Day Too Yaar!

The Pindi Swagger

That Eagle Eyes!!!

Zinda Dili Ka Saboot Dia Hai Sheikh Sahab Ne

However, Sheikh Sahab’s appetite for biryani during the long-lasting and boring speech of politicians is purely a desi act! And the moral of the story is, “Never say no to Biryani”

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