The Way People Have Reacted & Stood Up In Support Of Bil Batori Will Make You Happy

The Way People Have Reacted & Stood Up In Support Of Bil Batori Will Make You Happy

Remember Ainak Wala Jinn? Remember Bil Batori? Of course, you do. It was a gem that tended our childhood and as 90s kids, we proudly say we had some of the best entertainment programs on TV.

Ainak Wala Jinn was a classic show that we avidly followed in our childhood. It was one of the early programs to nurture our imagination and coming to realize the substance of entertainment it managed to introduce back then, you will only fall in praise for it.

Source: Padash: why yes!

Source: Padash: why yes!

24 years have passed since the cult classic graced our television. Today, the characters especially Bil Batori remains memorable for us. But have we ever thought what became of the ‘Bil Batori’ after Ainak Wala Jinn?

Coming to realize the state of Bil Batori today, it will not leave you feeling any emotion other than distress. The actress Nusrat Ara Begum who portrayed the iconic Bil Batori is struggling to survive.

She struggles to make ends meet today. She lives a life in a shattering state and shockingly no one helped her before.

Nusrat Begum suffered a paralysis attack lately. It affected her leg and she was rushed to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Lahore. The doctors inspected her and discharged, handing out a prescription. But she waited on the hospital steps, waiting for someone to aid her. She direly needed medical aid but no one bothered to help.

Source: Stylish Pie

Source: Stylish Pie

Nusrat Begum has taken the leap to speak about her life today. She said, “Continuous walking has injured my feet. I do not have a shelter to live. I just wish that someone could do something about providing me a shelter.”

These words indeed speak about her appalling life. But they also highlight our conduct and our treatment in letting down our legends.

It clearly shows where we set priorities, where our followership lies and who we rather seem to care about. Corrupt people who have let down our country are supported instead of legends who really made a difference.

Here is Nusrat Begum sharing her story:

We neglect the right people and support the wrong. Besides the neglection of government, our individual roles do not seem to qualify anywhere great either.

News update is that ever since the news of Nusrat Begum’s appalling state broke out in the media, she has been offered help from Government of Pakistan. It is reported that the Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal promises to release Rs.10 lacs for her treatment.

Her son, Amir Raza reveals that she will appear for a treatment at Sheikh Zayed Hospital after consulting the doctors there. Although, her treatment has reportedly begun at Combined Military Hospitals.

People have noticed after recent updates on Nusrat Begum’s life circulated the media. It’s good to see how support continues for the legendary Bil Batori:















We became her voice and could make a difference. We hope she recovers from her health problems and finds peace, shelter, love and support from all of us.

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