The Way Pakistanis Have Reacted to Ali-Meesha Case Is Totally Surprising

The popular topic which has taken the internet by fire from yesterday. Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harassing her. That too on multiple accounts. They both have worked together on many projects. Meesha wrote a note in which she said that it is really difficult to come out in public to talk about the harassment.

With Meesha coming out in public many other girls opened about their experiences with Ali Zafar too!

This is shocking!!

After all these confession and allegation on Ali Zafar that these women made, many people on twitter had pretty mixed reviews about it. Some supported Meesha and others abused her!

Meesha really doesn’t owe any kind of explanation

Indeed! it is

Well, does it implies that women should get used to it??

It’s plain stupid to ask for evidence of such incidents

Nobody has any rights!

Let’s see where it ends

No women should be silenced

True that!

People all around the world have a very different take on this topic. She came out in public to talk about her bad experiences, though she doesn’t owe any explanation. Since after Meesha’s explanation Ali Zafar wrote that this case should be solved professionally rather in any other way.

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