The Voice Behind “Juice, Chips, Paani Ki Botal” in FC College Is No More

If you are in Forman Christian College it is highly unlikely that you haven’t seen an old man carrying a water cooler and a cloth bag full of snacks while saying “Juice, chips, paani ki botal!” in the ground. He was Chacha Abdurrehman who has been selling water, juice and snacks outside academic blocks in FC College for over 30 years. He passed away on 6th September 2016.

An Inspiration

source: The Art Junction (FC College)

source: The Art Junction (FC College)

The breadwinner of the family having 3 kids, 2 daughters and a son, was partially blind. But he never let his visual impairment be an obstacle in his work. He never begged for anything, let it be freezing cold or scorching heat, Chacha would always be there doing his job. Working hard for his family earning for them.

Respected by everyone

Working hard every single day even with his limited sight, he managed to earn respect of every single person that ever stepped in the campus of FC College. Let it be a student, teacher or a staff member, everyone loved Chacha. Sitting in ground, too tired to get up to go the cafe to get something to eat? Chacha was a blessing.

source: Bihamaal Zurqa

source: Bihamaal Zurqa

Here is what you can do to help his family

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Chacha will always be remembered for being such a wonderful human being who taught us that no limitation can stop you from doing anything if you have the dedication to do it.

FC College misses you, chacha.

(Featured Image credits: Junaid Javed Khan)

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