The Video of Bilawal Bhutto’s Iftar Party Will Gross You Out!

Iftar parties are what most of us anticipate amid Ramadan, and there is no better way than spending such spiritual evenings and breaking fasts with your loved ones and catching up with them. In Pakistan, it is a common practice of the political leaders to organize Iftar parties for the masses in the month of Ramadan. Recently, an Iftar party was organized by Bilawal Bhutto, Chairman People’s Party, at his residence in Lahore, and let us tell you…  things got truly chaotic!

Watch the video to see what went wrong…

In the video, men could be seen fighting like scavengers for food and it was absolutely insane! There was food scattered everywhere on the table and people were seen throwing food on their plates, more than they needed. Oh wait, did you guys see the giant pot of meat, toppled on the ground and how the men ran with the plate in their hands to scoop it from the ground? Who in their right mind does that?

Clearly, there was no order of civility or etiquettes shown in the video. However, this is the reality! The video is truly appalling and shows the illiteracy of the people present in the video. Such things should be avoided in the future which leads to wastage of food, whereas the millennials are starving. Wow, Bilawal Bhutto, you could’ve been more vigilant than that!

It is perhaps one of the life’s greatest injustices that when one person sleeps on a full stomach while another scours desperately for food a few feet away, and it is sad to see that people still don’t understand that wasting food is not permissible in Islam. There is a need to enforce a ban on such events and parties, keeping in mind what’s right and what is not.

How did you feel about the video? Appalling, isn’ it?

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