The US Returns 139 Stolen Antique Items to Pakistan

The US Returns 139 Stolen Antique Items to Pakistan

The US has returned 139 stolen antique items to Pakistan. The items are worth over $13 million. 

The antiques date back to the 6th century of the Gandhara (Indo-Aryan) period. 

The Council General of Pakistan, Aamer Ahmed Atozai, represented the government of Pakistan. The ceremony took place on Tuesday at the District Attorney General’s office in Manhattan, New York. Atozai appreciated the efforts done by the Department of Homeland Security and the Antique Recovery Department. 

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An agreement was signed to return all the antiques stolen with Assistant Attorney General, Matthew Bogdanos. Bogdanos showed delight in returning artifacts representing the rich Pakistani history.

The artifacts recovered are a continuation from the previous recovery of 2022, of 192 artifacts. The 2022 recovery of 192 artifacts was worth over $3.4 million. The recovery followed the arrest of art dealer Subhash Kapoor.

The artifacts are to be displayed throughout Pakistan in various museums. Artifacts represent the rich history of Pakistan.

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