The UN Hunger Games – Sugarcoated Fact or Fiction?

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The Hunger Games is not an entertaining book or movie series. It is thought provoking, realistic and empowering. The real world is surprisingly the representation of The Hunger Games. Maybe, UN can assemble the teams worldwide and organize UN Hunger Games. There are striking similarities in the world we live in.


Source: Hürriyet Daily News

Panem is a capitalist society and it’s district 12 is the poorest district with food shortage whereas, the capital is aware of the suffering and shortage but chooses to ignore it. Let’s not forget though that there are literally million of people across the world living in similar/worse conditions with about 1 in 9 people worldwide without enough food to lead a healthy lifestyle. The education system of District 12 is pathetic.

It’s no wonder the district’s citizens never had any contribution towards Panem because all they study is a sugarcoated history of their district. Across the world access to education is unlimited with more than 72 million children worldwide denied the ability to learn. Hunger Games had a strong lead, Katniss but in Yemen, more than 80% of women have never had the opportunity to attend school.


Source: The Hunger Games

One of Catching Fire’s most dramatic moments comes when protesters throughout Panem are brutally beaten for showing defiance against The Capitol. The people of Thailand don’t have the right to protest.

Panem is divided into districts according to their trades and socio-economic status. Similarly, our society is divided into developed and third world countries. The reason why these districts enjoy rebelling is because of the unjust law and treatment. People from other districts are not human enough to be a part of Capitol and used for amusement and entertainment.

Source: Volunteer Toronto

The same case is with some countries that are trying to keep the immigrants out; in this way they are the perfect portrayal of capital that prevents people from other districts to enter their territory. Maybe The Hunger Games are already happening globally and we just don’t need a label.

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