The True Love Is The Love Of Almighty Allah

The True Love Is The Love Of Almighty Allah

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“Putting the needs and wishes of another person above your own is love in its purest form.”

Very well said by someone. I agree that love is the divine emotion that makes a person selfless. Everyone wants to be loved and cared for. Each of us wants to feel what its like to be in love…to love someone and to be loved by them. What would it be like? Millions and millions of books and quotes have been written on how beautiful this feeling of love is. So beautiful that even a day has been dedicated to it!

When a person is in love, he finds himself the most beautiful and the only adorable creature on this planet. He forgets the rest of the world. Even his own needs and wishes become less important for him than his loved one. He cannot afford his loved one’s anger and every minute he wishes to please him. So true!! All of its so true!! Come to think of it!!! We take so much pride in being beautiful but do we ever realize that this beauty is a gift from Almighty.

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We have no second thoughts while insulting others, but have we ever thought that it is only Allah who has the right to either bless or insult someone. Even Allah hides the mistakes of His creations, but we take pride in gossiping about them. Have we ever thanked Allah for creating us the way we are? We enjoy doing those things that are disliked by Allah. While Allah is not as happy when a person does well-reputed things as when a person leaves a single bad deed.

Allah says piously is not the one who does so many good deeds but the one who does fewer sins. We can take an example from our surroundings when we leave home instructing a child to complete his homework and clean his room and not to climb on the cupboard. But when we arrive home, we find the child sitting in the cupboard then what we say… ‘I told you not to climb in the cupboard’.

Source: Jamiatul Ulama KZN

The child replies, ‘I have completed my homework, I have cleaned my room’. Even though we get angry saying, ‘I restricted you from climbing on the cupboard’…This is what Allah says when we do things that are forbidden by Him.

When someone loves, he wants to be loved in return. Allah makes no such demands because he doesn’t need us to. It is our need to be loved in return!! A human need! But yes, Allah does reward those who praise Him, who love Him, who trust Him and only Him. Allah’s love for His creatures has never-ending. He forgives the gravest of all sins and we tend to keep even the smallest, the most negligible of all. We are His favorite and yet the most disobedient of His creations, who have forgotten the true reason for their existence. We tend to ignore the right and adopt the wrong, although in our hearts we know that it is wrong.

We have displeased Him and yes we have!! For it is because of us that today we are going through such turmoil. It is because of our doings that today our Beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) has been made the target. Have we forgotten the teaching of Prophet (P.B.U.H)? Yes! We have. Prophet loved Allah and Allah loved him. We neither today stands for Allah nor for the Prophet. But they stand for us!! And will always be there for us. Even on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet (P.B.U.H) will be there for us!!

This is true love!! We give nothing, but we get everything!! We tend to ignore Allah and He loves us more than 70 mothers. We commit sins for years and years and it takes Him less than a second to forgive. This is love!! And we practice not even a part of it!!

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