The Tragic Story Of A Female Penguin Cheating On Her Husband Will Break Your Heart

Disclaimer: This is a true story and if you are an emotional person, you need to keep tissues with you while reading this heartbreaking story.

Kya aapko kabhi kisi nae dhooka diya hai?

Kya kabhi aapka kisi nae dil torra hai?

Kya kabhi aapke chahne wale nae aapka dil torr k kisi aur k paas jaane ka faisla kya hai?

Agar aap in sab jazbaato sae wabasta hai tou ye kahani aapke liye hai

Once Upon A Time…

The story revolves around Husband, the penguin who dearly loved his wife, Wife the penguin.

Husband the penguin loved his wife so much that he never imagined a day without her. His goal in life was to marry her and start a family. With the passage of time, all of his dreams became a reality. Life was perfect.


Husband the penguin was out to collect food for his wife and kids. Everything was going according to his plan. He loved her, she gave him kids and they were a happy family, until the day when he saw that wife the penguin was with another man in his absence. Furiously, husband the penguin attacked homewrecker penguin and they got into a bloody fight.

Watch At Your Own Risk

Conclusively, wife the penguin chose homewrecker penguin and it made husband penguin very angry. After fighting him, husband the penguin left his cheater wife with a heavy and disappointed heart.

The Story Does Not End Here, Khawateen O Hazraat

Husband penguin, wife penguin along with their kids took the matter to social media.

Guys, We Need To Give Her A Chance

She Tells It Herself Now


Because Husband Penguin Lost You But He Won At Life

Baby Penguin Has His Say and It Makes Us Sad…

Sorry Wife Penguin, But Das Right

Ye Sab Duppatay Ka Qasoor Hai

We Live In A Sad World, Bro

Koi Apna Nahi Ghumm K Maaray Hai Hum


Summary Of The Conversation:

Husband Penguin: “You Gonna Cheat On Me and leave me after I Fight For Your Honor?”

Wife Penguin:


In the meanwhile, the Nat Geo guy while recording all of this:

One The Other Hand, We Were Told This



Homewrecker Penguin Has An Advice

Husband The Penguin Finally Broke The Silence By This Tweet

When life gives you a penguin that loves you just as much as Husband the penguin does, do not cheat on him.


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