The Theory Of Evolution Was Found By A Muslim Scholar Not Darwin

The theory of Evolution, which marks that starting of this planet and our being, has always been linked to one scientist more than any other, the renowned British scholar, Charles Darwin.

According to the theory of evolution, which is also referred to as Darwinism, all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.

The Theory of Evolution Was Found 600 Years Before Darwin



The name was Nasir al-Din Tusi, and the place of his birth was Persia. Tusi was the Muslim scientist who found the theory of evolution 600 years before Darwin was even born. Tusi, a polymath and prolific writer: An architect, astronomer, biologist, chemist, mathematician, philosopher, physician, physicist, scientist, theologian and Marja Taqleed, is considered to be one of the greatest Persian and Muslim scholar in history.

In Tusi’s Akhlaq-i-Nasri, he lays down the basis of evolution of species some 600 years before Darwin’s birth. He starts of his theory of evolution with the basic knowledge of the universe and it containing equal and similar elements. As per Tusi, internal contradictions began and as a result, some parts developed faster than the rest. He then explained how elements evolved into minerals, animals, plants and humans. He also pens down how heredity was a key factor in the biological evolution of living species.

Muslim Scholar Tusi’s Theory of Evolution



“The organisms that can gain the new features faster are more variable. As a result, they gain advantages over other creatures. […] The bodies are changing as a result of the internal and external interactions. Look at the world of animals and birds. They have all that is necessary for defense, protection and daily life, including strengths, courage and appropriate tools [organs] […] Some of these organs are real weapons, […] For example, horns-spear, teeth and claws-knife and needle, feet and hoofs-cudgel. The thorns and needles of some animals are similar to arrows. […] Animals that have no other means of defense (as the gazelle and fox) protect themselves with the help of flight and cunning. […] Some of them, for example, bees, ants and some bird species, have united in communities in order to protect themselves and help each other.”

“Animals are higher than plants, because they are able to move consciously, go after food, find and eat useful things. […] There are many differences between the animal and plant species, […] First of all, the animal kingdom is more complicated. Besides, reason is the most beneficial feature of animals. Owing to reason, they can learn new things and adopt new, non-inherent abilities. For example, the trained horse or hunting falcon is at a higher point of development in the animal world. The first steps of human perfection begin from here.”

Tusi then tells us how humans evolved from a race of advanced animals 



Such humans [probably anthropoid apes] live in the Western Sudan and other distant corners of the world. They are close to animals by their habits, deeds and behavior. […] The human has features that distinguish him from other creatures, but he has other features that unite him with the animal world, vegetable kingdom or even with the inanimate bodies. […] Before [the creation of humans], all differences between organisms were of the natural origin. The next step will be associated with spiritual perfection, will, observation and knowledge. […] All these facts prove that the human being is placed on the middle step of the evolutionary stairway. According to his inherent nature, the human is related to the lower beings, and only with the help of his will can he reach the higher development level.”

Muslim scientists and scholars in history have provided a lot to what we know as ‘modern science’. These theories which are unknown to the common man and the world, theories which philosophers and scholars have come up with, surely too existed before their being, and most of these theories have come from Islam/Muslim scholars. Tusi vs Darwin on the theory of evolution is just one example.

Source: vintagenews

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