“The Symbol of Humanity Meets His Creator” – Goodbye Abdul Sattar Edhi

The believer of humanity has no religion, the richest poor man of the world and the philanthropist who gave his everything to the people of this nation, Abdul Sattar Edhi left us at the age of 88.

A 19 years old young boy, who came to Pakistan in 1947 – witnessed the pain of his helpless, paralyzed and mentally ill mother. The poor boy committed himself to his mother which led him towards philanthropy– he decided to leave everything aside and focus on serving humanity. Helping those who cannot help themselves became his goal.

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Between the heart of Karachi in 1951, Edhi Sahab started the first ever Edhi Clinic. He was overwhelmed with hope, idealism and dedication. With the motivation of helping those people who were never able to help themselves, he was on the quest of spiritual justice that had no religion.

“People have become educated, but not human.” – said Edhi who didn’t need education to save 20,000 abandoned, helpless little souls. Edhi Sahab, his wife Bilquis Edhi and the entire Edhi Foundation are responsible for training 40,000 nurses, providing shelter to 50,000 orphans in Edhi Homes and building 8 hospitals that provide free medical care. Additionally, more than a million babies have been delivered in Edhi Maternity Centers for free. Not to forget the 1500 ambulances that are deployed with the efficiency towards the terrorist attacks.

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No religion is higher than humanity” he said – and he died proving every word of wisdom that he taught us through his actions – he sowed the seeds of his own legacy by building a charitable empire, by having nothing.

To sleep in a room without any windows, living his days by using just two clothing dress, living life in full simplicity and donating organs after death, Edhi Sahab taught us what no book in the world could teach. No award in the world is enough to recognize the efforts of this man.


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“Meray mulk ke ghareebon ka khayal rakhna.” – one of the final words of Sir Abdul Sattar Eidhi. You left us, Edhi Sahab. You left us in the hands of these evil people who didn’t value your importance, your existence and how much you did for this nation. You left us amongst those who will never carry your legacy.

Thank you, Adul Sattar Edhi Sahab, thank you for being the man for this nation will never experience again. Cherish the heavens, Edhi Sahab. You deserve them.

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