The Supermoon Wasn’t Super Enough And Pakistanis Are Disappointed!

Last seen in 1948, Supermoon today lit up the sky today. For those who don’t know, the moon today is 30% brighter and 14% bigger than its usual appearance.

Why Else Is This Day Special?

Aside from the fact that the moon is significantly brighter and closer, the next time we get to see Supermoon would be on the 25th November 2034. Chances are, we might not even be alive by then.

Or Qayamat could be here by then too…

While most of us were expecting the moon to be as close as we want our bae to be (sigh), we were disappointed to see how just like our bae, Supermoon disappointed us as well.

Zoom Kiye Begair Nazar Nahi Aya Kuch, Tbh

We Just Wanted To See The Moon, But The Man Has A Point…

Because She Needs To Figure Out How To Breath

Sensing A Bummer Here


That’s The Way We Like It

Ye Bhi Zaroori Tha


For those who love the moon, the stars, and the sky, they probably enjoyed tonight as it does look amazingly beautiful.

We conducted a poll to find out what the reason behind the ‘Supermoon’ is. Have your say as well:



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