The Streak Is Over-Finally Manchester United Ends The Winning Run

With the few months in hand, Premier League getting more entertaining and intense. Last night was the Manchester Derby and the outcome has shocked the whole premier league fans out there.

Sunday was Derby day, every Manchester fan was supporting their favorite team with great gratitude and the majority thought that Manchester City’s 21 games win in a row Streak would go on.


But people forgot, Manchester United has also set their away win run too. The match was undoubtedly breathtaking, no one expected such a thrill match and top-class performance by Manchester United who recently drawn in their several fixtures and even labeled as “Sleepwalkers”.

Manchester Derby Kick-Off:

The match began with the early shocking penalty, where Bruno Fernandez always ready to hit the sweet spot and he did what he loved to do. Left bottom corner and gave United an early lead.


Looking at the stats, City dominated in ball possession, equaled in shots on target with 6. City missed some of the amazing chances, where they could have scored and taken the limelight.

But it felt like last night was United’s night, where they overshadowed the Etihad Stadium with the Red clouds over the City players and enjoyed the victory.

In the second half, the clouds spread even wider to cover more areas when Luke Shaw played the ball from his side and scored a classic finish. It looked like City wasn’t ready for the second one and Luke gave the double lead which secured the confirmed win.

Source: The Independent

During the 70th minute, Martial got the amazing chance to triple the lead, but instead of hitting in the net, he shot at the Ederson.

Although City tried harder to attack and even draw the match but couldn’t surpass the united defense.

Managerial Talk Post Match:

Source: Fox Sport

After losing the streak, Pep Guardiola said “We played good, apart from the first 10 minutes, and unfortunately we could not be clinical, and congratulations United.

Today we lost, and it will be the news. But the news is 21 victories in a row. This is the news. This result is going to help us a lot to understand how difficult it is.

We knew it. But sometimes you have to not win one game to realize, and the next one is important.

There’s still a lot of games to play. We have to start to win again, and the next game we have an opportunity to do it.”

Where on the other side, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer expressed his thoughts on winning against the toughest team in the Premier League. “They’re too far ahead to think we can catch them,”

Both managers even got heated moments, while substitution took place. It looked like Guardiola got frustrated with the game and couldn’t control it.

So, Boxing Day ended with a surprising win, Manchester United finally stopped the City train and broke the streak. But on the other hand,

Liverpool had made losing their habit, they are now with 6 home lose games and it might go on. They are at their worst gameplay ever.

Tonight Chelsea will be facing Everton and got to see whether Thomas Tuchel will keep a clean sheet and maintain the streak. The last game was phenomenal with Liverpool, where Mason Mount helped Chelsea towards the victory.

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