The Story Of A Young Man Who Challenged Destiny And Achieved What He Craved For

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Successful people in every field are often said to be “blessed with talent” or simply lucky. For people like Mustafa Saifuddin, who are known to wake up early and work towards a goal, are an inspiration for others. Here is his story:

A battle between me and my luck; started when I was a kid. This was when I started to curse my luck! Yes, my LUCK. I was born in a lower-middle-class family and saw my father working hard to earn the bread for our family. Where we were deprived of the many amenities that people have. Life was tough, we had to compromise on basic necessities every day.

“Never try to justify your failures based on your luck. You just didn’t work hard enough!”

I would always think that this was how it was written in my family’s luck and it would never change. I started working at a very small age. My parents have not supported me financially since I started college. For a long time, I was taking odd jobs to keep myself afloat and to become the support that my father desperately needed.

In 2006, I got my first job. It was at a hardware shop where I was handed over all the chores from getting the tea, cleaning the shop, to depositing checks in the bank etc. Yes, I was the “Chota” of the shop.

“Believe in yourself, keep a can-do approach, struggle hard and watch success follow.”

I remember the day when I was given two sacks, one full of nuts and one full of bolts. The task I was assigned to do was to pair nuts and bolts together and put them in a third sack. It took me 6 straight hours, I was tired, exhausted and my fingers were shivering, my nails filled with grease and other oily stuff.

At the end of that day, my boss paid me my first salary of 1,500 rupees. I had never seen Rs. 1,500 altogether in my life. I never thought I would be able to earn so much, it was a feeling I can never explain. For a second I thought, maybe my luck finally changed? The very next second I realized, I worked really, really hard for this.

“Don’t feel ashamed of working hard! Believe that things will change.”

That’s when my whole world changed. I made a promise to myself that I will defeat luck at every corner by simply working hard through these rough times. I continued working there for a while. My mother would see me coming to home daily looking like a beggar boy, all torn dirty and greased up. She was not at all happy with me working at such a young age.

But what could I do? I needed to be a support for my father, I needed to take things in my hands. I needed to become something, anything but something. I was not willing to give into luck, I could not and did not have the luxury to choose between going to school and work. I had to man up, and really just work as hard as I could to becoming what I wanted to.

At the time I was just a matriculate and couldn’t really find a better job, this was my solace, it was where I became the Mustafa Saifuddin that would save himself and his family from the likes of luck. I was determined, every day was a new day, every day I came an inch closer to becoming something, to conquering my demons and gaining the success I craved and longed for.

“You couldn’t control how your story started, but you can write a few good pages in there”

Then came the day, I was able to escape the shop, the shop that taught me, no matter how hard life throws you down. Get right up, focus on what matters and get to work.

A friend of mine was working in a call center, he told me to clean up and to go with him the next day. This is where I told my luck, enough is enough, it’s my turn to throw the punches. It was a walk-in interview, I still remember walking up to the interview room, trembling. Praying with all my might to get a chance, just one chance to prove myself.

The interviewer asked me where I am working right now, I introduced myself and told him my story. After hearing me out he selected me for the training saying, “Hum apko phele kaam sikhaigay but paise nahi milengay”. It was a US based call center and used to operate during the nights due to the time zone difference. The most difficult part for me was to convince my family to let me work in the nights.

“Regardless of where you started, there is always the next level. You need to keep leveling up your skills.”

“I told my parents that I wanted to learn English language and since we could not afford a language institute, I would take this call center training and learn English” To my surprise my parents agreed and that was the first SALE I ever closed!

I pursued my career in telesales and worked in a number of reputed call centers. It never got easier because I used to work nights and go to college in the morning. But all the hard work had already started paying off and for the first time in my life, I was able to give some money back home. I was able to become my Father’s son. I was able to now help him support our family.

“Go wide, explore and learn new things. Something will surely have a kick for you”

2012 was when I decided to up the game and applied for an opportunity in a logo and web designing company as a Customer Support Supervisor. The industry was new and exciting for me, and I loved every moment of it! In 2013, I made another jump and started working for a US based Software Development Company called ‘Accunity’ as a Business Development Executive.

I didn’t know much about technology in the initial stages but I worked hard and learned about all the different software development protocols. I used to spend extra time in the office and sit with people from other departments to understand and learn how things work. Technology became my passion and I also realized, that it’s all about developing a multitude of skills and working hard in every single direction. The goal was to never stop growing, never stop learning.

In July 2016, I accepted a position as a Business Unit Manager at Digitonics Labs where I am currently managing and supervising a team of designers, developers and project managers with a core focus on business development.

“Feeling unlucky? Find opportunities, work your butts off and nail them!”

You know what my father told me when I showed him the company maintained car I’ve recently earned? “I am LUCKY to have a hardworking son like you”.

Today, I’m a sales trainer and a motivational speaker as well as a blessed father. I firmly believe that everyone has the power and potential to do the craziest things. It’s just all about keeping yourself in perspective and then you’ll discover that God made you be unique, just like everyone else. We all have a purpose in life, all it takes is hard work, focus, and a little faith.

I understand people have different battles experiences, beliefs, etc. Not one person is the same, thus, I’ve learned it’s best to learn the WHY in order to help with the HOW.

Always remember everyone has a different struggle and advice isn’t universal, it’s subjective. The key is making your passion become your purpose, and making your life genuinely focused on your passions, and then committing to them consistently.

The struggle will never stop, it will never get easier, and you will get tougher. So keep your head high, smile and remember every day is a closer to all of your goals, dreams, and ambitions becoming a reality.

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