The Science Behind Human Mind You Need To Know

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The fundamentals of study of a human mind’s thinking process begins with the deep study of this beautiful Saying of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)
“Actions are judged by intentions…”

While we try to judge people by their behaviors and label them, it is actually the study of a persons background, the reasons for their actions and their thought processes that will define the person who he or she really is underneath. Batman once said and I quote “Its not who we are underneath, its what we do that defines us”.

Although I’m a huge Batman fan, but that’s not “truly defining”. This is the label that people put on you to define you, based on their limited perception of you. They will always see you through a glass of their perceptions which are simply with in limits of their experiences. These limited experiences act as the filter that cuts out the very fine details about you which define you as a person in truth.

Truth and reality can be two different things. Every one has a different reality. e.g. for a person, Pakistan flag is green and white. How do you know that the color is green and white? Obviously at some point we all experienced it when we were told that which color is green and which is white. So to some other person if he was told red and black, he would obviously call it red and black. That would be his reference point. It is like wearing filtered lenses. You put on green ones and every thing looks green. Put on red and the world looks red.



People judge us based on those filtered lens on their perceptions, formed and limited by their personal experiences. Nevertheless, this should not in any ways limit us. We limit our own abilities at times and the people around us do affect us adversely by sending us these negativity. People will always tell you “You are nothing or you cant do this”. But it is you who has to remind yourself “Yes you can”.

One should love it if people say to him or her that “It has never been done before”. This should be a challenge for them to complete and when it is done, they will be the first ones to do it. That should always keep us going. Mistakes are inevitable and failures are temporary. We should learn from them and move on rather than get depressed and feel sad about it.

However, In no way it should not filter the positive criticism on us, given by those who care for us like friends and family. well one should always be able to differentiate positive and negative criticism. Be open to learn and not be limited in beliefs and perceptions. Not only should we learn from our downfalls, a smart person will always learn from other people’s mistakes as well. That is in fact the secret to speed learning. You don’t have time to make all possible mistakes your self or you’ll never progress. Be the person u are. Be the best. You will do the best and u will have the best in life.
“In order to do something, Be something” – (James Stockdale)

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