The Rise Of Depression In Students Is Concerning And Parents Need To Look Into It

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In today’s world, the most common cause of all other diseases is DEPRESSION. Depression is way too common in student of today’s era more common in undergraduates why these students are depressed?

People used to say that this is due to lack of interest and less attention towards studies, yes it can be the reason but everything has two sides of the story. But people only want to see and show other the one and we create a perception about it and then these wrong perceptions lead a person towards depression low moral support humility and everything to lose interest in studies or toward the degree institution.


Teachers are considered as the spiritual parents of the students and yes, they are but what if they become the reasons of taking life or making mental torture to students?? Due to their dignity and respectful designation, we people don’t even consider them wrong and the real misery is when you even can’t tell this to your parents as they will say that you can be wrong not them

This educational system in universities is just becoming horrendous they are not passing out humans but passing out dead humans with dead brains and hearts. In my opinion, there is no humanity left in these people as they literally push a student towards the verge of destruction and then blame it to the student that you are not doing well, this is wrong totally wrong.


If a teacher misses a class it’s not a matter of concern but if a student misses a class it becomes the toughest of all for him or her. In the starting of the year or semester they teach you from your course outlines and on the exam days when it is out of the syllabus no one become responsible for it… this is how they play with students they even don’t consider their mistake are they even sincere with their work ??? No no. Then bad results drag students towards depression and no one understand it that why it is happening.

Personal issues with the students are way too dangerous as they know that they can pass or fail the one and by doing so, they play with them, they become their murderers and then clarify by saying that he or she is nil. They are not nil, you people become nil and take lives away. As these authorities are of higher ranks most of the time students can’t fight back as it’s the matter of their career. Stop bullying students, please. Consider your profession as holy thing. Raise students not tortured souls. Respect the students they are humans. Today’s it’s him tomorrow it can be anyone else please stop this kind of things.

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