The Reality Of Education In Pakistan

The Reality Of Education In Pakistan

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Education in Pakistan is a nothing but a complete mess. To start things off, lets talk about the basic purpose of education. The one most essential purpose of education is to groom the mind but unfortunately people here forgetting this fact. Our people here in Pakistan believe that education is based on getting marks. If you do not score good marks then your nothing but a pathetic failure. This type of thinking has overtaken the ordinary Pakistani mind, which is the least of our problems.

Getting to the point that the first and most threatening problem at hand here is that students in Pakistani educational institutions do not get even the slightest chance of expressing their own creativity, which is quite unfortunate for us. Unluckily students have to memorize each and every detail word to word without the slightest thought that they could easily right by themselves with concept. A thing such as concept does not even exist when it comes to education in Pakistan. Even when students are provided with a tad bit of concept they simply ignore it by the idea of memorizing it because of course, why write with concept when you can simply memorize the whole thing. As it is the only way earning higher grades.This method is applied in each and every school and college all over Pakistan.


Source: Dawn

When it comes to the teachers, they simply give students written notes with all the answers of the questions and has each and every bit of detail in it so that the students can just memorize the whole thing. After memorizing it you simply have to write it down on the exam sheet and you are done, you score full or nearly full marks with out a doubt. This mostly happens in private schools which are known to provide “Quality Education” in Pakistan and during the board classes. The owners of these great schools are thought to be “Educationalists” but in reality the are just the owners of this business run all over in Pakistan in the name of education which is known as a private school.

While governmental institutions are just made fun of and are only for the poor people who cannot afford much. The average Pakistani mind cannot understand this because their minds are shrouded in the thought that their children have to get good marks and everything will be fine if they do so. Unfortunately we can not do much to overcome this problem unless people realize that they are actually poisoning their children’s minds and raise their voices. We can only hope for the best.

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