Indian Actors Took To Twitter To Support Fake Indian Surgical Strikes

Indian Actors Left Looking Stupid As They Took To Twitter To Support Fake Indian Surgical Strikes

Amid all the tension between India and Pakistan regarding the matter of Kashmir, things continue to heat up after India’s attempt of ‘Surgical Strike’ yesterday morning. While Indians continue calling their fire raid a surgical strike, the Indian celebrities showed their support behind this particular movement.

Given the tweets of the Indian celebrities, two of Pakistan’s famous cinemas decided to put a ban on screening Indian movies.

You can find your favorite Indian actor tweeting about calling us “terrorists” in the tweets below:

Says the guy who’s ancestors were Pakistanis

Okay, Lata Jee.

Maybe Varun Dhawan Can Finally Get a Decent Movie Break After This Tweet

Sunny Deol Is Preparing For His Role in Border 2

Ritiesh Deshmuk is Alive?

I Liked You, Arjun Bhai

Farhan Akhtar As Well

Anupam Kher Always Supported Pakistan Before

Paresh Rawal Joins The Clan

Raveena Jee Doesn’t Come In Movies Now But Had To Make A Statement

Abhishek Trying to Get Attention Which He Couldn’t Get From His Movies

Akshay Bhai….Back To Chandni Chowk.

Chalo Okay

Yes, On Home Ground Again

Pakistanis responded by banning Indian movies in their cinemas, with SuperCinema being the first to make a statement.

Like him or not, Hamza Ali Abbasi does keep Pakistani first and he was totally in favor of this ban

Nueplex Cinema Joined The Support of Banning Indian Movies

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