'Boss Mai Ne Apko Bola Kya Hai?' The Rap Song Is Out And It's Actually

‘Boss Mai Ne Apko Bola Kya Hai?’ The Rap Song Is Out And It’s Actually Pretty Catchy!

Waqar Zaka was thrashed in public after passing remarks about a girl in his Snapchat video which greatly bothered her friends, who as a result, beat him in public. It was where it all began and now it’s headed towards a very dramatic and hilarious route because somebody just made a rap song about the incident.

Hours after the incident took place, a video of him being beaten violently was out on social media which spread like wildfire. People just could not stop talking about the incident. The video was shared for days and nearly all active accounts on social media had viewed the video.

While we condemn the act of violence incurred on TV anchor Waqar Zaka, we would like to highlight how people on the internet took the incident; the aftermath of which brought hilarious memes and jokes.

Source: PakPassion.net

Source: PakPassion.net

“Boss mai ne apko bola kya hai?” is the latest phrase to go viral on social media. Waqar Zaka uttered the exact same words while he was being beaten by several men including guards.

It is very risky to give away something like that because people on social media are very quick to act and make a joke out of it. Boss mai ne apko bola kya hai? has taken over 2017 so far, thanks to the internet.

Check out the rap song, “Boss mai ne apko bola kya hai?”

Don’t you like it? It’s okay, after all, boss hum ne apko bola kya hai? #sorrynotsorry

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Well, it does have quite a beat and it is pretty catchy. This Waqar Zaka-Junaid Haider saga has now been narrowed down to jokes only. Let us thank the people on the internet for making us laugh our *spirits* out.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Speaking to the Express Tribune, these guys, Omar Yazdanie and Wali Sheikh said, “We saw his videos over and over, and the kind of buzz he had, everywhere we went it was Waqar Zaka.”

They seem to have also mocked the security culture adopted by the men who went violent on Waqar Zaka. In fact, Wali Sheikh reflects upon it in the following words: “Nobody likes security guard culture. It’s wasteful and takes a toll on the environment.”

This song does have the title of what Waqar Zaka uttered that night but it also takes a jab at the VIP culture. Much like the Waderai Ka Beta song by Ali Gul Pir.

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