Shamhurish: The Powerful Jinn That Promotes Justice & Kindness

Shamhurish: The Powerful Jinn That Promotes Justice & Kindness

Shamhurish Jinn

Jinns (Ghosts) are a reality for some and a myth for many. However, almost all the religions of the world talk about the existence of Jinns. Islam also talks about them and there is a Surah in the Holy Quran about jinns. A scholar and historian, named Ali A Olomi has done significant research on Jinns.

Information about Jinns is quite less on the internet yet many people try to find facts about them. Recently on his Twitter account, the historian, Olomi talked about a Jinn Shamhurish. He says, “The jinn are said to live in a parallel realm, but sometimes their lives intersect with the human world. One of the most involved jinn is Shamhurish.”

Shamhurish is the king of Jupiter. Olomi says, “He is the jinn king most interested in human lives. He’s said to have a vast palace but visits humans frequently As king of Jupiter or al Mushtari he is described in the Buni corpus as a powerful, but the kindly king who governs matters of law, justice, abundance, and children.” It means though Shamhurish is powerful yet he is just and kind.

The historian says, that the Jinn ”is watched over by the planetary angel Sarfayal and aided by the spirit Farus.”

Shamurish and Islam

According to Olomi, the Jinns, Shamhurish also encountered Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Earlier, he was Christian. However, after listening to Prophet Muhammad he coveted into Islam.

“In another iteration, it’s said he is the Qareen or jinn companion of Muhammad. There are even hadith chains of transmission which list him. He’s believed to have memorized and passed on the sayings of Muhammad.”

After accepting Deen e Muhammad (SAW) the Jinn became Qadi (a judge).

“As a respected judge, he is tasked with managing the jinn courts where humans and jinn alike are held accountable In vast open-space places, humans would report crowds of whispers and shadowy figures while facing a mighty jinn king.”

However, Olomi says, “despite the terror of it all, he is reputedly merciful and often allows humans to make amends.”

Is he dead?

Olomi is confused about his death. He says,” He’s is well over a thousand years old, but in one minor legend, he’s said to have passed. It is unclear if he died because of an encounter with an enemy or from another cause. He left his kingdom to his equally magnanimous son, Mutawakkil.”

The historian says, “Mutawakkil ( the son of Shamhurish) is not considered a jinn king. However, rather the custodian of Jupiter holding the throne in honor of his father.”

The alliance

“But in most other traditions, he is very much alive though the legend of passing his throne on has esoteric significance: he is the jinn king who grants families. If one enters an alliance with him, he grants a jinn as a guardian and protector.”

“These pacts last generations. It is said if one’s ancestors made such an alliance, the jinn would guard the family tree until the very last descendant. These legends are common in South Asia and North Africa both and many families have lore about a jinn guardian.”

“The idea of working through alliances and agents is central to Shamurish’s power. He governs over a vast network of jinn. When he wishes something to be done it is passed down through a chain of jinn agents.”

Source: Twitter

“So great is his power it is said by merely raising a finger he could cause an avalanche of change. At his simple command scores of jinn spring into action to make things happen.”

The Jinn easiest to work with

“He is considered the jinn easiest to work with. He’s ready to hear petitions and is often the first jinn Muslim mages made pacts with. Even still the invocation rite takes many weeks with long fasts and complicated recitations of the Name of God which governs him.”

“But because of his ability to bring about big change, his temperament, and willingness to listen, he was one the most sought after jinn kings.”

Those who fashion his ring of power are granted riches, fame, & dominion over sandstorms. They are also assigned a jinn familiar. The legend of jinn rings popularized by the original Aladdin (who had both a jinn of the ring and a jinn of the lamp) is linked to this jinn king.

“His easiest talisman is actually a paper one in which one takes the letters of your name and combines them with “hot” and “moist” letters which are used to affect a judge or official to be favorable to you.”

“The division of letters into hot and moist (which are the qualities of Jupiter) reflect the Hellenic scheme of the elements here fused with letter magic and the jinn.”

He is the head of a vast court

“In Morocco and Sudan, he is known as Sidi Chamharouch and is one of the legendary jinn saints whose shrine is a site of local pilgrimage. At a large white stone adorned with flags, pilgrims make sacrifices and offerings to earn his favors.”

“According to the marabout tradition, he is the head of a vast court and invoked in rites of protection, exorcism, and sits in judgment over various matters.”

“He is said to take the shape of a mighty white horse who appears in the night to guard villages and towns. He is a reconciler who mediates between arguing parties, and a miracle worker who brings wealth and fortune to the petitioner”

In conclusion, the Jinn, is quite influential and kind as well as just. The historian, Ali A Olomi claims he is Muslim. Islam the religion of peace, asserts about Jinns. Islamic scholars also say there are Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and other Jinns.

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Courtesy: Ali A Olomi

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