The Proper Office Look : A Guide For Professional Women

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The professional attire of women should convey the message of your competence, credibility, and presentation. It is really important to understand the cultural norms of your office both on casual work days and “business meeting” days.

The Basics Of Professional Attire


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The key to professional attire stars with a well-fitted and clean dress and avoid any kind of inappropriate attire.
• A suit no matter how costly it is will always look unprofessional and disheveled is it is not well-fitted or ironed properly.
• As a rule of official attire, you should avoid wearing clothes that expose any part of your body.
• If your shirt has buttons they should not gape open.
• Clothes that are brought from the market often don’t fit perfectly so it’s best to get them altered first.

Major Don’ts!


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In Pakistan, no matter where you work you are always stuck in a dilemma between the comfortable, hot and looking trendy. According to Pakistani culture and society, low-cut tops and tight jeans are not acceptable in the office. Working in an environment that is not broad and is closed can make things uncomfortable. Wearing an outfit that doesn’t blend in with your office environment and makes you look like an amateur and untidy and will leave a negative impact on your co-workers. And the last thing you would want is to be the center of attention due to your graphic tee.

Eastern Dressing


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Dress according to the latest fashion. These days normal length shirts with cigarette pants or Capri’s are really in and dressing in the current style is a foolproof way to dress. One of the most important things is wearing a suit that is made to fit your size is the ideal dress for the work environment. The most reasonable way of dressing for office in our opinion is to buy a few basic colors in trousers and pair them with different shirts this will give you a loose and comfortable dressing both from the top and bottom.

Hair And Makeup


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When it comes to style and makeup tips, a working woman must understand the difference between a party makeup and everyday makeup. This is a serious blunder made by many women in Pakistan; in fact, it is a style sin for many working women. The best makeup look for office is to have a clean and fresh look while using very less makeup.

Use a good base, in fact, we suggest you use a BB cream rather than a base for everyday makeup, wear a nice liner and mascara and a lip gloss or lipstick in light shades. When it comes to hair styling for office, many women overlook it. This is a very wrong thing to do. If your hairs are not done properly, it will give a very bad look. You can tie your hair in a pony or bun for work, but if you like to open your hair don’t forget to straighten or blow-dry them.

Classy Shoes



As comfortable as the chappals and sandal can be, wearing the proper type of sandals or pumps that look good with your attire will give you a classy appearance. Avoid wearing flats that have crystals on them since they come at night time for fancy shoes.



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When dressing for the workplace, a nice watch, delicate chain and ring are perfect. You don’t want to wear something too shiny for work. Small rings with some gemstones can glam up any attire while still maintain a professional image. But remember the most important accessory for the workplace is confidence. By keeping your own personal fashion sense appropriate for the office, you will find it very easy to maintain a tidy and positive image.

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