The Probable End of MQM Is Here And People Are Loving It

Muttahida Quami Movement and Altaf Bhai shared a magical relation which was surely unbreakable. While not every love-hate relationship comes to an end, this relationship ended today and had a very tragic ending – the type of ending everyone was waiting for.

After ARY was brutally attacked, people from Karachi couldn’t control their anger against the one party that is always behind the worst conditions in Karachi – MQM.

Shortly after the members of MQM attacked ARY, chief person of MQM Altaf Hussain started addressing his “people” in a telephonic conference. Not much to our surprise, Altaf Hussain sounded drunk throughout the conference and said “Pakistan Murdabaad”

After his address, Altaf Hussain said he is leaving the leadership of MQM (the drama he has pulled a number of times before as well) and handed it over to Farooq Sattar.

Jaag TV

Jaag TV

Shortly after, Farooq Sattar was arrested by Rangers in Karachi and oh boy, what a sight it was!

People on Twitter couldn’t control their joy either.

There were some against the arrest of Sattar as well

The rest of the people were just happy on how MQM was making a public fool of itself

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