The Pakistani Chai Wala Has Got Indian Girls Drooling Over Him

Aik Garam Chai Ki Piyali Hu. Aur Usko Pilana Wala Hu.

From the past 2 days, the cute Chai Wala from Islamabad has taken the internet by storm.

Edit: has taken the world by storm. Literally. No doubt in that. *Drools*

After Pakistani men and women were seen drooling all over him, the Chai Wala is now winning hearts in India, Dubai and United States.

While Pakistani girls are drooling over this Chai Wala from Islamabad, Indians are not much behind. Taken by the beauty all over Pakistan, girls in the neighboring country can’t stop getting crazy either. And after all, we do have the sexist men in our nation, right?

It started from here and then took the entire world by storm. Chai wala here, chai wala there. And the best part is, he is worth all the attention.

The original tweet came from Pakistan and took the internet by storm, Indian girls have not stopped either. Let’s check out some of the best from across the border!



She fails in the pre-req


Chai wala na piyo par chai wale ki beauty appreciate karna is a must.

Lol. As if…

And then there are comparisons from Pakistan…

Calling a Spade


And hey Indians, this is what happens when you don’t have Arnab Goswami inspired media making a mess of your mind. Pakistanis are all Chill!


The ongoing war of words between India and Pakistan got a nice twist as both nations agreed on one thing at least – how cute our chai wala is.

While there might still be a number of differences between these arch rivals, a light humor was a break we all needed, all thanks to this cutie chai wala.

The power of social media has taken this chai wala to new levels. We wish he can get all the chances he deserves ‘cuz damn cutie!

Featured image credit: Jiah’s photography

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