The Original Version Of ‘Zaalima CocaCola Pila De’ Will Get Stuck In Your Head!

We have been listening to the very catchy tune “Zaalima Coca Cola Pila De” covered by the gorgeous Meesha Shafi and energetic Umair Jaswal as a promo for this year’s Coke Studio Season 9.

As soon as the ad was released, it became an instant hit everywhere and in little time, everybody was singing it.

While a lot may think this song is an original production of Coke Studio, it was originally sung by the legendary Madam Noor Jahan herself.

Don’t believe me? Listen and watch this video where Late Madam Noor Jehan sang the original Zaalima Coca Cola Pila De featured in Lollywood’s classic Chan Te Soorma:

While the original song is extremely catchy and hippy, Meesha and Umair did  justice with their attempt.

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