The One Thing Every Guy Should Do To Make Her Love You Till The End

1. Remember, The Day, I Borrowed Your Brand New Car and Crashed It? I Thought You’d Kill Me. (7)

But You Didn’t.


 Remember, That Day, I Spilled Coffee On Your Brand New Carpet? I Thought You’d Hate Me.


But You Didn’t.


Remember, That Day, I Dragged You To The Park Even Though You Said That It Might Snow? I Thought You’d Say, “I Told You So!”


But You Didn’t.


Remember, That Day, I Flirted With Other Guys To Make You Jealous. I Thought You’d Leave Me.


But You Didn’t.


Remember, That Day, We Fought Over Something Just Before The Dance? I Thought You’d Abandon Me.


But You Didn’t.


Yes, There Were A Lot of Things You Didn’t Do . . .


Like Leave me…


Instead You Put Up With Me


There Were A Lot of Things I Wanted To Make Up To You, When You Returned


So, I waited. (8)

But You Didn’t.

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So Ladies, If You Find Someone Who Accepts You With All Your Flaws – Appreciate Him Before It’s Too Late


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