The New York-Dublin Portal Faces Temporary Closure

The New York-Dublin Portal Faces Temporary Closure

The portal erected to connect Dublin and New York has been temporarily closed in response to inappropriate behavior from both ends.

The portal initiative was to connect the two cities, focusing on the exchange of cultural diversity. There was a positive response from both ends; however, some people did create problems.

Many people share love and positivity from both ends. However,. However, there were a few bad eggs. 

People shared inappropriate visuals from both ends, showing their rare private parts. An exotic model even showed off her breasts.  There was an exchange of harsh words with Dublin citizens, sharing illustrations of New York’s 9/11 attack. There were few arrests by the police.

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The portal administration temporarily closed the portal from both ends. The portal is to start soon with an understanding that many are sincere to the cause of the initiative.

The nature of the program is people-oriented. The administration believes that the future is to be ascertained by the people. The administration is working on a few technical updates to ensure intraregional harmony. 

The portal is likely to be reopened soon with new updates.

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