The Neighbors Next Door- Time To Talk About The 99 Others!

The Neighbors Next Door- Time To Talk About The Other 99!

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This is an updated version of all the noisy neighbors and their kids who annoy you just by their existence. Now it’s time to talk about the 99 others including the old group of people who walk in the grounds with tasbeeh in their hands, Sabir sahab who just bought 2004 model ki white cultus, Azra aunty who designed her house and last but not the least the dada jee who sits outside all day and observes every single soul.

1. The Ones Who Just Shifted


Source: Giphy

Happy family of 5 just moved in, and their little one wants to go to the salon with you and you are like: “Welcome Aboard, I’ll be your guide for the next two days…”

2. The Ones Who Are Always On Vacation


Source: Giphy

You want to give them taza taza nihari and lo gee, their guard says: woh to Naran Kaghan gaye hain, parsoun tak ajaen ge. Last time it was haleem and they were in Gilgit. Theek hogya!

3. The Ones Who Are On Rent!


Source: Trouble in Tibet

There are homes that are always on rent. You get to see a new drama every six months. New People! New Beginnings!

4. The Ones Who Never Answer The Door


Source: Lizard Beans – Tumblr

 They rarely respond to your knocks yet you see their ‘kaam wali’ every day sharp at 8.Baji, mai kheeshwar darwaza khol deyo, hor kinny hona ay!” and while saying this, she gives you a look ‘ you are not welcomed here, Go Away! Fine people! Whatever! Live your life.

5. The Ones You Don’t Really Know!


Source: Tenor

There is always a mysterious house in every society. You can’t solve the puzzle whether there is a family living there or if it’s a warehouse and why a bearded man visits the house at 3am every morning. Time to be a detective!!! When Aunty Saima asks you, “beta ye sath walay ghar mai kon rehta hai, zara pata karo inki tanki c kabka pani leak horha hai” and you are like: I have no idea! 

 This one time, my mother was sick so we had to take her to the hospital late at night. When we were leaving in a hurry, this next door neighbor came and said is everything okay? We all looked at him for a good two minutes because Lord knows we had seen him for the first time!!

6. The Young Couple Whose Baby Cries At Night


Source: arsboni –

Usually, babies cry because they want something, but mostly it’s because it has become their routine. Can’t back out now!

7. The Ones You Refer To As The Night Owls



They wake up at night. Have breakfast and then wash their utensils and clothes (and you can hear the voice of their washing machines). Wash your Mind, Fellas.

8. The Ones Whose Old Man Is In The Police


Source: RolePlayGateway

They have their own life. They walk, talk and act like the police, all the time. They don’t really mix with people and the old man makes cameo appearances from time to time.

9. The Ones Who Give You Niyaaz Ke Chawal


Source: Indipepper

It’s like they have “scheduled” their Niyaaz for every single house. Always the first ones and always on time.

 10. The Ones Who Celebrate NYE 


Source: Giphy

They are the party animals. They give you goals, they live in the moment and then your brother tells you: “BBQ bhi hai boss”. Hmm.

11. The Ones Who Argue/Fight From Dusk Till Dawn



This family does not believe in ‘unfinished business’. They never want to ‘let it go’. They argue with all their heart and without any filter and you can hear them all. Damn. Day.

12. The Ones You Call Encyclopedia



There is always an old khandaan who bought the first house in the community. They know the history of everyone and everything. You will ask one question and they will tell you the introduction, the literature review, the methodology and also references. The old lady in their house was best friends with your nani too once upon a time.

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