The Most Amazing Robots You Need To Know About

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Inspired by nature and the human body researchers day by day are creating advanced robots with Incredible new Capabilities.Capable of moving, felling and thinking on their own, here are some of today most exciting robotics projects.

1- Nao

Nao is an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot designed for companionship.Created in France in 2005, it was at the time only capable of walking and talking but it can now dance, drive, kick and Nao is used to teach autistic kids, helping it to quickly become one of the most popular robots in the world to the point that it was chosen to perform in a new type of event the ”RoboCup”




The KR01 Battle Mech was created in 2012 by workers at a Japanese electronics in company who were fans of Gundam (Japanese animated series). Weighing over 4 tons and measuring 4 meters 13 feet tall, it is a real combat robot.Controlled by motion sensor technology in the one-man cockpit or through a smartphone able to be equipped with live ammo, these bots may represent the future of armed conflicts.

3- iCub



iCub is a humanoid robot designed by the robot Cub Consortium, iCub was originally known for its ability to express emotions and for its elaborate hands that allow it to manipulate objects with a level of dexterity that has never been reached before.Researchers are currently trying to integrate the cognitive process of the human brain into the iCub and believe that it should soon be able to feel, see, think and learn from its experience.

4- HRP-4C



it is nicknamed ”Miim”, HRP-4C is a feminine-looking humanoid robot with a realistic head, especially remarkable for its ability to mimic human facial expression and movements.It is also able to move like a human and respond based on speech recognition and is expected to be used in the future entertainment industry as a human simulator for the evaluation of devices, benefiting from day to day improvement, miim is today considered among the most advanced androids.

5- RoboBee



Last years summer after couples of dozens years experimentation and studies the RoboBee took its first controlled flight.It weight 80 mg with a wingspan of measuring 3 cm it was created in Harvard robotics laboratory, and should find applications in military and environmental monitoring as well as in search-and-rescue operations.As bees continue to disappear all around the world due to a mysterious affliction that is endangering pollination, some researchers are already suggesting that RoboBee be used to create robotic colonies that could one day be capable of reproducing without human help.

6- Roboy



Roboy is a project which was completed at the end of 2013 aimed at creating an advanced android in the shape of a child endowed with artificial intelligence under development at the artificial intelligence laboratory of the university of Zurich, Roboy is the precursor of a new class of robots with electronic sensors, stretchy muscles and plastic tendons inspired by the human body it will move as fluidly as humans, at the same time being lighter and safer than other robots .Roboy will be a ”service robot” a future class of helper humanoids and companions for the sick and elderly

7- WildCat



WildCat is the latest version of the cheetah a four-legged robot which is able to run at high-speed on all types of terrain – from sand, gravel and grass to snow, ice, rivers and streams. Designed for use by the US military, and created by Boston Dynamics with funds from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) it is now able to run at 45.5 km/h or 28.3 mph faster than Usain Bolt’s speed.Unlike its precursors wildcat can balance itself without stabilizers and carries its own power source.

8- Atlas



Atlas another pentagon-funded robot developed by Boston Dynamics.You can consider this one of the most promising projects in robotics, it is capable of avoiding or climbing over obstacles crossing rough terrain and even maintaining its balance on one leg when hit from the side.In December 2013 it participated in the DARPA robotics challenge, where it competed against other robots to test potential in emergency response situations, including crossing uneven ground, using power tools and driving a rescue vehicle.

9- Asimo



ASIMO the initial of advanced step in innovative Mobility is the most elaborate humanoid robot ever constructed and the result of nearly thirty years of research from the Japanese manufacturer Honda it can talk and move all by itself, being able to perform various movements. such as walking, running, climbing steps and even jumping on one leg. ASIMO can also seize, push, carry, open and turn on a diverse array of objects allowing it to serve drinks to people, whom it can identify as individuals and take orders from. ASIMO can also interact with people being primarily designed to help and guide them.

10- Curiosity



This robot is developed by NASA, the car-sized Curiosity robot is the most complex robot ever created. Equipped with the most novel and advanced technology, it is ten times more massive than earlier mars rover. Thanks to a super sonic parachute as well as to a highly advanced system of retro-rockets, it was able to slow down and land safely on mars on august 6 of 2012. it is powered by 10 pound of polonium-238 curiosity could explore mars for a period between 10 and 15 years. tools like laser and its robotic arm are able to acquire samples and prepare them for portable laboratory to analyze them and send data back to NASA.

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