The #MisbahPushUpChallenge Is Now A Thing!

Pakistan’s test cricket team captain, Misbah-ul-haq, has started the unique trend of push up celebrations as we saw at Lord’s after his century. The same celebration was performed by the whole team again after the victory. And it turned out to be legendary. So legendary that it is now a thing. THE #MISBAHPUSHUPCHALLENGE.

Forget the ice bucket challenge

This was the first realization that Misbah’s push ups are the new ice bucket challenge.

Michael Vaughan and David Llyod didn’t want to be left behind

Former England captain Michael Vaughan also tried to do some push-ups after seeing seeing Misbah.

But both Misbah and Vaughan were left behind when David Llyod came into action. Llyod, at the age of 69, showed what he has left in him. Certainly, age didn’t make much difference to his fitness.

But this was just the beginning of the trend. Misbah’s legacy was carried forward by the team when Pakistan won and they all did push ups.

source: gettyimages

source: gettyimages

This is when people thought it could be a challenge

People of Twitter decided to turn the this into a challenge and starting nominating each other and posted videos of themselves doing push ups.

Shabash Bilal! The first one to post the video

Of course, this is exciting!

And there were some more videos


And some more


Team Parhlo also decided to do the Misbah Push Up Challenge. Follow us on Snapchat to see.
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So, let’s make this our thing. Do it, post it on the internet, and nominate your friends. Let this be a little tribute to Captain Misbah for everything he has done for us!

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