Prabhat Lodha - The Indian politician Who Wants To Demolish Jinnah

Prabhat Lodha – The Indian politician Who Wants To Demolish The Jinnah House In Mumbai

Over the past 70 years, taking a dig at each other has become very common between India and Pakistan. The relationship would not be complete without one country trying to cause grief and dismay to the other every now and then. Recently, news of an Indian politician wanting to demolish the Jinnah House in India surfaced.

The said politician who brought the issue to his country’s notice is a man called Mangal Prabhat Lodha, who is a member of the Legislative Assembly from Prime Minister Modi’s Bharatiya Janita Party (BJP). Not just that, Lodha is also the business partner of United State’s president Donald Trump. Himself, Lodha is a multi-millionaire who wants to make the headlines.


“The Jinnah residence in south Mumbai was the place from where the conspiracy of partition was hatched. Jinnah House is a symbol of the partition. Demolishing the property is the only option,” he said in a Maharashtra Legislative Assembly meeting.

The Jinnah House, which was Quaid-e-Azam’s property, now comes under the ‘Enemy Property Act’ of India, which denies ownership to any blood relative of his. According to Lodha, the Jinnah House should be demolished should be replaced with a cultural centre for Indians. He also states that the maintenance of the bungalow was costing the government of India a lot of money.


The same politician’s company, Lodha Group, is now building the Trump Towers in India as well. With a lot of influence and political backing, Lodha might even achieve his goal, but his intention of replacing the Jinnah House, a place full of legacy, is not one that deserves respect. It is said that even our enemies deserve our respect. To demolish the Jinnah House would be an act of weakness at India’s end.

Replying to the word’s of Lodha and the agenda of Jinnah House’s demolition, Pakistan’s foreign office spokesman Nafees Zakaria said that the house still belonged to Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his ownership rights should be respected.

Even though a lot of people are against the demolition, fascists like Lodha and the rest of the BJP, which literally hates Pakistan, cannot be stopped so easily. Let us hope that the agenda crumbles itself and the thought of Jinnah House’s demolition leaves the air.

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