The “Major” Struggles of A Student’s Life

It doesn’t matter if you choose a major that you love or you are thrust into a particular field by parental pressure, one day you are going to wake up and realize what a mess you have made with your choices.

ART: You may be able to differentiate between burnt sienna and burnt ochre but when it comes to your future, you are in a perpetual state of doubt.

As family and friends around you burst into hysterics at the mere mention of your future , you lose yourself in Picasso’s blue period  and congratulate yourself on the fact that you can make a bowl of fruit look like a masterpiece.

You wonder, if art is really a subject?


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ECONOMICS: Your friends are out partying while you try to fathom the theory of marginal utility .Your family goes out for dinner while you try to figure out the theory of marginal product.

Everyone goes out and you sit at home and feel marginalized.


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CHEMISTRY: Hours of sitting on those hard stools have left your posture permanently deformed. You attract new friends as they all presume that you are watching Breaking Bad and making crystal meth.

You like to think of yourself as Professor Utonium but the only Eureka moment in your life is when you feel a strange tingly feeling in your stomach when zinc finally displaces sliver from silver nitrate.


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BIOLOGY: Your life takes a backseat to the reproductive tract of a cockroach. Relationships disintegrate when your lab partner leaves you for another more competent person.

Life passes you by while you whine and complain about how hard it is for you and then you wonder why your friends don’t talk to you anymore.

Be a social pariah for the next five years and wonder why you ever decided to do medicine.


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URDU: You attend a class after weeks to realize that the class is filled with people sleeping with their eyes open. You ponder over the words of Mir Taqi Mir yet are unable to converse with the “Sabzi wala” without making a complete fool of yourself but you can perfectly creep out your friends by reciting nonsensical poems for them out of context.

So you watch “planet of the apes” and wonder why apes looks so familiar.


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MATH: Everything has a solution. However, you fail to find the answer to your hair problem. It continues to expand into spherical curls and intersecting curves.

People wonder about your mental state as you continue to torture yourself in pursuit of the x.


source: tumblr


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