Best Video Game Adaptation Ever! The Last Of Us Tv Show Review

Last of Us show review

Last of Us show review is the must thing to do, because it has attracted everyone with the exact storyline. Based on the mega-hit video game where a man and a teenage girl travel through the US whose under the attack of the zombie apocalypse.

This new adaptation of the video game Last of Us has made a remarkable debut with a stunning storyline and perfect plot aligned with the video game.

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It’s the most awaited TV Show that’s going to be aired in a few days, but the critics have got the privilege to appear at the screening and they have fallen in love with it.

Yes! No, kidding many of the critics have praised the show with heavy remarks and claimed it the best video game adaptation.

The Last of Us TV Show Reviews

The Last of Us TV Show starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey the two main leads. Around them, the whole storyline revolves around the involvement of some new characters that we all have seen in the video game.

Pedro and Bella undoubtedly played both roles brilliantly and didn’t disappoint the fans.

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It’s the first-ever TV Show that did justice to the game because from starting till the season ends everything is relatable and there’s nothing you would find unusual.

As per the score, IGN gave 9 out of 10, Rotten Tomatoes has given 100%, and Metacritic 84%.

Critic Reviews

As per the Empire, “Comfortably the best adaptation of a video game ever made: one that deepens the game’s dystopian lore, while staying true to its emotional core. Like the game, it’s a masterpiece, too.”

Collider’s critic said, “Druckmann and Mazin have taken this unforgettable story and made it richer and more impactful, letting us live with these characters and this world in a way that we couldn’t in the game.

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The Last of Us is a monumental success, and in this universe of incredible darkness, Mazin and Druckmann show us the light that makes this story so powerful. “

The Last of Us show has also found its place in the list of most anticipated TV shows of 2023 and it deserves to be there.

Time Magazine’s critic writer wrote, “From the performances to the storytelling to the aesthetic elements, it’s an exquisitely made adaptation. But it also asks viewers to absorb a whole lot of human misery without saying much that we haven’t already heard in similar shows.”

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The Last of Us season 1 holds everything from horror to bond to thrill and it’s worth watching. From the first episode till the last ninth one, you will be hooked and wouldn’t be able to wait for the next episode to air.

The show will hit the streaming platform on January 15, 2023. So, clear out your weekends till the show ends because you shouldn’t miss out on a single episode.

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