The Islamabad Ka Chai Wala Goes International and It Couldn’t Get Any Better

Aik Garam Chai Ki Piyali Hu. Aur Usko Pilana Wala Hu.

From the past 2 days, the cute Chai Wala from Islamabad has taken the internet by storm.

Edit: has taken the world by storm.

After Pakistani men and women were seen drooling all over him, the Chai Wala is now winning hearts in India, Dubai and United States.

It All Started With This Glorious Tweet

The image is taken by Jiah Ali, a photographer capturing different themes and walks of life. Jiah is now responsible for giving this country a new national crush.

Within hours, Chai Wala started trending in India and seems like there is one thing these arch enemies agree to.

A Journalist From Washington Made A Valid Point

Bharat Ki Larkiya Bhi Dil De Bethi Hai Isae

Boy Bhi Maan Gaya Hai

Phir Aik Chawal Kisaam K Bhi Indians Hote Hai

Our Reply, With Love

Is Bharati Ki Bhi Chawali Sunle Zara Aur Time Nikal K Hasle

Well, Pakistanis Made Comparisons Too

Our Chai Wala Reaches United States (AGAIN), Ladies and Gentlemen

And Finally, Famous Meme Generating Facebook Page And Website 9GAG Shared Our Chai Wala On Their Website

Oops, Forgot About Buzzfeed

Also, Dubai… – Another International Website


The Chai Wala from Islamabad is now popular!

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