The Internet Presents, Your Doppelganger!

Even though it’s hardly a rarity now, we’re almost always fascinated by twins when we see a pair. The idea of two people looking alike (for identical twins), and often also sharing similar traits, never fails to amaze us.

fred and george


We have all wondered what it must feel like to look at someone who’s an exact copy of us; and we all wonder whether twins really can read each other’s thoughts, or feel each other’s pain. Even our movies and books haven’t been able to resist the allure of exploring those dynamics!

Well you don’t have to wonder anymore. While you can’t exactly find a twin (who knows, maybe Science will get there in a year or two), you can now find a lookalike!

By registering yourself on the website Twin Strangers, you can find your doppelganger from anywhere around the world!

twin strangers


See those two lookalikes at the top? Niamh Geaney met her doppelganger, Karen Branigan through this website. The two women live an hour’s drive from each other and are completely unrelated. Niamh then went on to find her second doppelganger, so you can now have a (partial) triplet experience as well.

harry english



After you upload a picture of your face, you are required to choose your facial features from the categories available; an example would be, selecting whether your face is round or oval in shape. After you’re done, a list of people will be drawn up based on the features’ similarity, and you must prepare to be blown away.

Niamh and Karen aren’t the only ones. Boasting over half a million users, Twin Strangers has helped other individuals find and meet their lookalikes too.

Have a look at this twin stranger duo;

sara and shannon


Sara Nordstrom and Shannon Lonergan, who look nothing short of identical twins sharing 100% similar DNA, also found each other through this website. The resemblance is so striking that Shannon’s father actually took a moment to tell them apart.

An important point worth noting is that the website relies on descriptive measures of your facial features, hence they are subjective. No concrete and objective measure of similarity is available here.

Even so, the duos featured above, and many others who found matches at the website, are similar enough to be mistaken as twins.

So if you’ve always wanted to be someone else for a day, or live a different life for a day, you know what to do now!

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Aiman & Minal twins sister 22

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